Waste Bin Rental

Waste Bin Rental

Why Use A Waste Bin Rental Service?

Finding a reliable waste bin rental service is not as simple as calling the first number you come across on the Web. For affordable, trustworthy service, Trash King is known throughout the greater Vancouver area as the first choice within the community. If your project needs a focused point of garbage and debris collection to minimize the risk of accidents and help make cleanup easier, call Trash King at 604-433-5864.

Same day dumpster delivery is not a problem for Trash King.

If you’ve been calling around but have not been satisfied with what you’ve heard from other agencies, feel free to call a specialist from Trash King and ask how they can make your project cleanup an effortless process. Your waste bin will arrive when you need it and will be hauled off when you call for removal.

Residential Waste Bins Rental Company

Residential Dumpsters from Trash King are positioned on your driveway or designated space in such a way that they will not cause any damage to your lot. All of Trash King’s dumpsters have castors to ensure they will not scrape or slide. Homeowners can call for a waste bin rental in a variety of sizes from 7 cubic yards to 20 cubic yards. If you’re not certain what size you need for the job, just make a call to Trash King’s customer service at 604-433-5864 to discuss the details of your project and they’ll be happy to recommend the appropriate size.

If your business regularly throws out organics and perishables, Trash King can offer a smaller dumpster that can be emptied on-site on a frequent basis to ensure that location smells that can be a detriment to business are kept to a minimum. This type of commercial dumpster service is charged by the month; call Trash King to find out more about their pick-up schedule.

Recycling Your Waste Bin Contents

Trash King can help make recycling an effortless process for your company by dropping off recycling dumpsters to your location. Depending on the recycled material that your company is discarding, Trash King may have options available that include free use of their recycling dumpster or may even pay your company for the contents of the container. If you’re currently throwing out cardboard, steel, aluminum, copper, tungsten, tin, stainless steel or other metallic or non-metallics that have a recycling value, call Trash King for additional information that can save your company money.

Call Trash King before 10am and you’re guaranteed a waste bin rental on the same day.

Do your part to help keep garbage and debris out of the local landfill by doing business with the company that is committed to diverting thousands of tons of garbage from the landfill on an annual basis.

Trash King recycles as much of your garbage as possible to ensure that Vancouver remains one of the cleanest and most beautiful seaport cities in the world. The staff at Trash King believes in the power of recycling to save the environment. Book a waste bin rental with Trash King online over the website or by calling 604-433-5865.