This Montreal Deli On The Essential Is Recalling Bacon Due To Potential Listeria Contamination

A Plateau deli is recalling one of its meat products over concerns it may contain Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. Charcuterie Fairmount issued a warning on Friday, September 23, that its Hungarian bacon could be contaminated with the foodborne parasite. Consumers are advised not to eat any of the affected product and to either return it to the store (located at 3833 Boulevard Saint-Laurent) or to throw it away.

The recall was issued voluntarily, “as a precautionary measure,” in collaboration with Quebec’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) and Montreal’s Food Inspection Division. The meat was packaged and sold at the shop’s counter through Sept 23. The product wrapping does not have any labels.

The bacon in question may not show signs of contamination but can still be dangerous. Consuming food with Listeria can cause serious illness, especially in people who are pregnant, elderly or immunocompromised. Up to 30% of listeriosis cases can be fatal for high-risk individuals. For others, it can cause severe gastroentiritis. Symptoms include high fever, severe headaches, stiff neck and nausea.

So far, there have been no recorded cases of illness associated with the recalled bacon from Charcuterie Fairmount.

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