This Is Why Montreal’s STM AZUR Metros Are Painted Blue

Most of us know the feeling You’re waiting for the metro, and it seems like it won’t ever show up.

Then all of a sudden, you feel a slight breeze and a rumbling in the distance. It’s getting louder!

Finally you see a light in the distance, and behind it, that glorious blue train that’s here to take you home. Instantly that stress and anger you felt a minute ago is gone and a feeling of serenity washes over you.

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via @stminfo

So what happened? Are you just happy the train finally arrived?

Well, yeah for sure, but there’s something else contributing to your happiness. The fact that the train is blue.

Yes, there’s a reason why the STM metros are blue. And it might be more then just aesthetic reasons.

The color blue has some pretty awesome universal psychological effects:

  • Blue calms you down.

  • Blue makes you feel liberated as opposed to confined.

  • Blue creates a reflective and intellectual feel.

  • Blue makes you less likely to think aggressively.

  • Blue improves your concentration and helps provide mental clarity.

  • Blue inspires trust.

  • Blue is non-threatening.

  • Blue has also been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Sky Blue is the most calming shade of blue.

I think it’s safe to say that blue is the right color to be using for the metros. And I’m actually hoping the STM did this on purpose, instead of it being just a happy coincidence.

Because if there’s one place you want people to chill the fuck out, it’s in the metro.

It’s a cramped underground, poorly ventilated, miserable place, and that guy’s elbow keeps touching me!

yesbring on the blue.

Serenity now.


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