The STM Hopped Aboard The Spirit Halloween Meme & Completely Roasted Montreal Metro Riders

It’s Halloween weekend and the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) couldn’t miss the opportunity to drop another brilliant series of topical memes.

This time around, we’ve been gifted with five seriously funny Spirit Halloween costume suggestions for STM users.

In one image, the transit agency makes fun of customers with messy hair due to the subway’s “piston effect”. As indicated on the fictitious costume package in French, it includes an OPUS card, one of the controversial STM “butterfly” doors, a random metro station, heavy wind, and of course, an unusual hairstyle.

In another picture, the STM mocks all the Montrealers suffering from the soul-crushing stairs at Mont-Royal station, with a suggested outfit that includes new elevators, the guarantee of 10,000 daily steps and a “reusable bottle of water for the brunch queue on Mont Royal.”

Perhaps late-nighters should buy the “last train at Berri-UQAM” costume. It has an unlimited night pass, a receipt from a bar on rue Saint-Denis and the regret of not going to the bathroom before you left.

There are two more outfits the STM want you to consider this weekend, including one for your doggy (yes, they are allowed to ride nowadays under specific rules) and another for Instagrammers who stop at Jean-Talon for pictures of squashes.

Well known for its bold yet amusing social media presence, the STM’s comms team continues to prove their status as sassy meme queens, not long after the Adam Levine joke last month and the STM Little Miss & Mr. Men memes back in July.

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