The place to go for a birthday lunch in Montreal?

While backyard birthday parties around our uncle’s above-ground pool are memorable, sometimes we want to treat ourselves a little differently. Indeed, this kind of occasion deserves a good table. Take advantage of your day and go to the restaurant to be pampered a little.

Montreal is full of amazing restaurants, perfect for celebrations. There’s something for everyone’s taste, from supper clubs to more traditional meals to establishments that cater to large multi-generational families.

Work, children and the thousand and one responsibilities we have to make up for on a daily basis often prevent us from gathering all our loved ones for a birthday dinner. Moreover, dinners at the restaurant usually end late. Here’s a solution: go for lunch instead.

Lunch is an ideal way to get together to celebrate a birthday. Take half a day off work or extend your break time by an hour so you can get to the event. It is important to note that if the birthday party is organized at the last minute, you will have a better chance of getting a table at the celebrant’s favorite restaurant. The best part is that the children will be at school or daycare, so it’s a bit of a break. Don’t forget that you won’t have to pay for a babysitter!

However, there is one question on everyone’s mind: where to go for a birthday lunch in Montreal?

We’ve put together a list of recommendations for you. Our selection features restaurants that are open for lunch service. It also includes restaurants in all four corners of the city and various types of cuisine.

Wishing you a memorable birthday lunch!

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