The place to Eat Iconic Montreal Meals – 10 Iconic Montreal Dishes

Katherine Sehl

Montreal has spawned many icons (William Shatner!), Many of whom are no strangers to good food (William Shatner!) Has shaped Montreal’s culinary landscape (and people with fat muffins) for decades. If you haven’t crossed all 10 off your list yet, there are a few things to take care of …

10 iconic Montreal mealsThrillist / Katherine Sehl

Beauty’s special

beauty (Address and information)
Mile end
It really doesn’t get any more special than Beauty’s blue leather-lined alcoves, Hymie Sckolnick’s old-fashioned good looks, and a bagel sandwich filled with a generous amount of salmon, blobs of cream cheese, and slices of tomato and onion.10 iconic Montreal mealsThrillist / Katherine Sehl

Dic Ann’s burger

Dic Ann’s hamburger (Address and information)
Several locations
Dominic “Dic” Potenza and Ann Collecchia single-handedly (uh, quadruple?) Made burgers a thing of the Montreal food scene. And they did it with the most unconventional thin little burger you’ll ever have. This particular sauce will quadruple you.10 iconic Montreal mealsWikimedia Commons

Wilensky special

Wilenskys (Address and information)
Mile end
There are Bologna sandwiches and then there is the Wilensky special. It’s hard to say why the simple formula of five slices of salami, a slice of Bologna, an optional slice of Swiss, and a dash of mustard on a classically grilled Kaiser is so extraordinary, but it is. And that for over 80 years. 10 iconic Montreal mealsThrillist / Katherine Sehl


Moishes (Address and information)
Dinner at Moishes is the stuff Francis Ford Coppola’s food dreams are made of – in fact, godfather / food lover Marlon Brando is said to have sanded down a few platters of beef here in his day. But one of their gigantic, perfectly prepared rib-eye steaks is an offer for everyone that cannot be refused.10 iconic Montreal mealsWikimedia Commons

Schwartz’s special

Schwartz’s Deli (Address and information)
Schwartz’s is perhaps Montreal’s most famous export, closely followed by its smoke-loving co-owner Celine Dion – and it routinely turns traveling Americans into border smugglers.10 iconic Montreal mealsFlickr / sfllaw

Foie Gras Poutine

Au Pied de Cochon (Address and information)
Getting a coveted table in Martin Picard’s meaty resto is pretty much on every Montrealer’s bucket list, not to mention those in the gourmet world. The infamous foie gras poutine is Montreal’s decadence at its peak.10 iconic Montreal mealsJoe Beef

Foie Gras Double Down

Joe Beef (Address and information)
Little burgundy
One of the best trends in Montreal’s fine dining scene is to take an already heartbreaking fast food dish and smack foie gras on it. Enter Joe Beef and the Foie Gras Double Down: Cheddar and Aioli, stuffed between two plates of foie gras, breaded with potato chips, deep-fried and then drizzled with maple syrup. Yes, you are fatter now just because you read this. 10 iconic Montreal mealsSt. Viateur bagel

The bagels

St. Viateur bagel (Address and information)
Mile end
Simply the best bagels in the world. And since they are so popular, you couldn’t order a stale – not even a day old bagel – even if you wanted to.10 iconic Montreal mealsThrillist / Katherine Sehl

Orange Julep

Gibeau Orange Julep (Address and information)
Our Lady of Grace
Whether it’s the mysterious frothy (the result of added protein, some speculate), the giant orange, or the rickety old and creepy pipes they chug your drink out of, you really can’t find a more classic drink in Montreal than good ol ‘orange Julep.10 iconic Montreal mealsThrillist / Katherine Sehl


Decarie hot dog (Address and information)
Our Lady of Grace
Decarie’s famous steaming hot dog has no competition other than the accompanying side dish of french fries, which quite a few have called the best in town. Cayenne pepper: yes. Ketchup: No, you fucking heather.

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