The most effective meals vans and road meals in Montreal

Food trucks are still a relatively new phenomenon in Montreal – after decades of being banned, they finally hit the streets in 2013 (albeit with a number of restrictions on where the trucks can park and how they work).

This year, a total of 51 food trucks will be driving the streets of Montreal, so there will be no shortage of snacks anywhere in the city. The food truck rally on the first Friday of each month at the Olympic Stadium is probably the best place to try it, with almost all of the trucks in one place. Still, the trucks are in constant rotation throughout the summer, with various designated parking spaces in a number of districts.

The list below (in alphabetical order) represents the best bets. For full information on all vendors and tickets, as well as a full schedule, visit the Quebec Street Food Association official site (in French only) or social media channels for single truck.

At Tomio

Chez Tomio / Facebook

On the healthier side, Chez Tomio conjures up a mix of Japanese-Thai-Vietnamese dishes, ranging from typical street dishes (think Takoyaki, Pad Thai and fried bananas) to a wonderful blend of flavors like a “Phoritto”. Beef cooked in a pho-like soup and wrapped in a tortilla. [Schedule]

Dim Sum Montreal

As one of the originals of the 2013 pilot project, this dim sum food truck has proven itself with its classic dishes that warm body and soul. Choose from a range of options including pork and shrimp dumplings, fried imperial rolls, or a variety of steamed dim sum. They also have bubble tea for those looking for something sweeter. [Schedule]


Grumman78 / Facebook

The truck that started it all (its owners campaigned for the city of Montreal to lift the ban on food trucks in 2013) continues to serve creative, fused tacos like the pork banh mi, blackened fish or lamb curry tacos. It’s not traditional, but it’s delicious. [Schedule]

Le cheese truck

Le Cheese, another OG from 2013, was a crowd favorite from the start. With loads of food trucks trying to stand out on the latest, craziest food trend, Le Cheese sits back and serves grilled cheese sandwiches and mac & cheese platters (in quarter or half pound portions) on a flat grill that you Remember the days when mom did it for you. [Schedule]

The hard fat (Dasfoodtruck)

Dasfoodtruck / Facebook

With three different trucks roaming the streets, the former Villeray restaurant, Le Gras Dur, offers breathtaking options to anyone who crosses its path. The three trucks – consisting of the Schnitzel, Burger and Bacon trucks – offer a variety of high-cholesterol options, including poutine cheeseburgers, sandwiches with smoked meat and, of course, lots of bacon. A vegan burger option is also available. [Bacon Truck schedule/Burger Truck schedule/Schnitzel Truck schedule]

Le Smoking BBQ

This Texan style truck is a fantastic one stop shop for all of your BBQ needs. Serving everything from pulled pork poutine and fried chicken to smoked chicken and ribs, Le Smoking BBQ has been a staple of the Montreal food truck scene for a number of years. The brisket tacos are also worth trying. [Schedule]

My heart taco truck

My heart / Facebook

This taco truck focuses on tacos with a touch of Mexico but with a big dash of fusion, and has offered more gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly options in recent years. Consider grabbing the halloumi taco, Dirty Martinez poutine, and Vato Loco avocado options. You are also sure to like desserts such as small pies and donuts from the Rosemont bakery Dei Campi. [Schedule]


Imagine this: a paper bag filled with hand-rolled churros that is fried, then rolled in sugar and served hot with a side dish of Nutella or Dulce de Leche – yes, it sounds good. Run by sophisticated pastry chefs, this truck also offers an artisanal, homemade nougat, made on-site, made with freshly roasted almonds, eggs, Quebec honey, and dried fruit. [Schedule]

O flying sisters / O sisters of the lake

O two sisters / Facebook

Ô Sœurs Volantes has always offered its customers healthier forms of street food such as tofu meatballs and salads in all variations. Its owners (who also own Ô Deux Sœurs on Rosemont) recently opened a second truck, Sœurs du Lac, to offer seafood such as poke bowls and crab cakes, as well as some classic poutines. [Ô Sœurs Volantes schedule/Ô Sœurs du Lac schedule]

Pop art

Pops Art specializes in what it calls “debt-free pleasure,” selling frozen fruit bars that are all natural with no added sugar. With a large selection of delicious combinations such as chocolate banana, coconut lime, smoked maple, popcorn and a hot chili caliente, there is something for every taste. [Schedule]


Probably the most famous food truck in town is the Winneburger in the Nouveau Palais, which was there from the start. It’s a direct offshoot of the trendy Bernard Street diner that made a name for itself with its burger – so it’s no surprise that it’s a popular choice for diners looking for a classic cheeseburger or Chicago-style hot dog . [Schedule]

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