The Montreal Alouettes Are Introducing A $90 Mega Poutine Served In A Soccer Helmet

How much poutine is too much? The answer depends on who you ask. For most, a regular-sized poutine from La Banquise is more than enough and even perfect for some leftovers the next day. Rare are the ones who ever felt the need to measure this amount in kilograms — until today.

The Montreal Alouettes have raised this critical question by introducing a special poutine, available at their home game on Thursday, August 4. The monstrous meal consists of “four poutines in one” and weighs a whopping 1.2 kg — oh yeah, and it comes in a football helmet, which you get to keep.

The Alouettes recently released a new helmet design, which the new helmet-bowls match. This could very well be a factor in the invention of this behemoth of a meal.

The team is also very clear that the only way to get your hands on these wearable souvenirs is to buy — and then presumably finish — 1.2 kilograms of house-made poutine.

u201cThe new ALOUETTE poutine that will be served in a football helmet will be waiting for you on Thursday night at the stadium ud83eudd24 Split it with your friends, your family, or try eating it all yourself ud83dudcaa More info u2192

— Alouettes de Montru00e9al (@Alouettes de Montru00e9al) 1659389144

1.2 kilograms, to be precise, of a unique combination of ingredients. Topping your standard potato fries and cheese curds are pulled pork, fried onions, and, according to the product launch details, “caramel popcorn.” We can only hope that, as depicted in the accompanying photos, the popcorn is served separately.

But at this point, it wouldn’t be the most surprising thing about this exorbitant entrée.

The $90 price tag has already made people on Twitter uneasy. Sports food is expensive, we know this, but four twenty and ten whole dollars? It’s a little much.

[email protected] Who the hell is dropping $90 at a football game?u201d

— Alouettes de Montru00e9al (@Alouettes de Montru00e9al) 1659389144

But again, it’s hard to find an Alouettes helmet anywhere else — and Twitter users quickly picked up on this too.

[email protected] At first it sound way over priced. But i tried to find the helmets for sale and cheapest ive found so far is $48 USD. So that’s a big part of the $90 CAD cost. So doesn’t sound like its a terrible deal.u201d

— Alouettes de Montru00e9al (@Alouettes de Montru00e9al) 1659389144

If you’re a true fan and you love the new helmet design, maybe this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

And if you pay with a $100 bill, you can use that leftover tenner to buy yourself some well-earned Tums.

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