Quebec launches one other COVID-19 vaccination marketing campaign for seniors

Quebec health authorities are launching another COVID-19 booster vaccination campaign on Monday, targeting people living in CHSLDs and private seniors’ residences (RPAs).

The recommended interval between baseline vaccination and a first booster dose is three months or more, while the suggested interval between each subsequent booster dose is five months or more.

Ten days ago, Quebec Director of Public Health Dr. Luc Boileau announced that the province would be stepping up its vaccination efforts against COVID-19.

He warned that an increase in coronavirus cases was highly likely in the fall as students return to school.

He also reiterated the need for the public to remain vigilant and follow health measures despite pandemic fatigue, such as wearing a mask in crowded places, isolating at the onset of symptoms and having an up-to-date vaccination record.

Quebec Premier François Legault recently received his fourth dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in Montreal.

He encouraged Quebecers to follow his lead, especially young people who are less likely to get seriously ill.

He said it is important to show solidarity and get vaccinated to reduce contagion, especially when meeting vulnerable people.

Legault notes authorities plan to provide an update on the upcoming vaccination campaign and talk about the low inoculation rate among children.

Meanwhile, Quebec reported three more deaths attributed to the novel coronavirus Monday and a seven-patient drop in COVID-19 hospitalizations.

The Health Ministry says there are 1,993 people in hospital with the disease, including 55 people in intensive care, a drop of two.

The department notes there are 3,457 health care workers off the job because of COVID-19.

— This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on Aug. 15, 2022.

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