Purchasing Second-Hand in Montreal: 5 Wonderful Retailers at 5 Completely different Worth Factors

There’s nothing like the feeling of finding that perfect pair of vintage jeans you’ve been fantasizing about for years – they just don’t make them like they did in the ‘90s anymore, do they? Montreal is home to a plethora of great vintage and second-hand shops that are dispersed throughout the city, each with their own unique collections. Shopping second-hand is a great way to make sustainable purchases and invest in anything from clothing to home decor without splurging beyond your budget! As a plus, it’s a great way to collect pieces you’ll never find anywhere else, like those blazers from the ‘80s or that leather jacket that’s somehow older than your parents! If you’re interested in discovering some truly amazing second-hand and vintage shops at different price points, check out these five options listed below!

  1. Marché Floh 

Marché Floh is one of my all-time favorite second-hand shops in Montreal! Located on the beautiful rue St. Denis, Marché Floh offers a wide variety of vintage clothing spanning over three different floors. Their selection ranges from ‘90s streetwear and ‘60s-inspired gogo dresses to the early-2000s mini-skirt of my dreams. I don’t think there has ever been a time when I’ve entered Marché Floh and not bought something – their selection is just that awesome! 

Additionally, Marché Floh’s collection comes from a variety of local vendors and vintage resellers who supply the store with amazing and unique pieces. This store is definitely a place that encourages artistic creativity and experimentation in fashion, which is reflected through their collection. Prices at Marché Floh vary from more expensive brand-name vintage items to less expensive anonymously-branded items; most items range from $20-$50. 

Location: 4301 rue Saint Denis  Montreal, Quebec H2J 2K9

2. Le Marché Noir

Le Marché Noir is another great option to curate your second-hand and vintage collection, offering an amazing selection of clothing (especially coats), jewelry, and even home decor items ranging from specialized prints to glass vases. Located just east of Parc La Fontaine, Le Marché Noir is well-worth the walk from the McGill area. With a constantly changing collection, Le Marché Noir is a great place to frequent when you’re looking for something unique! Prices are similar to Marché Floh and vary depending on the item, but generally stay in a range of $10-$50. Le Marché Noir is also a great place to buy inexpensive yet beautiful jewelry (especially rings) which are sold for as little as $3! If you’re looking for gorgeous vintage pieces sold at a great deal, I would highly recommend checking out Le Marché Noir!

Location: 1331 Ontario St E, Montreal, Quebec H2L 1R8

3. KILOfripe Vintage

A more recent discovery of mine, KILOfripe on St. Laurent is a great second-hand shop to pick up some of the coolest vintage items, especially if you’re into more casual, streetwear-inspired looks. In addition to some casual pieces, KILOfripe has an amazing collection of unique pieces from the ‘50s and ‘60s – including pin-up dresses and leather and jean jackets. As their store mission states, KILOfripe strives to provide a great selection of clothing while also taking sustainability into account, becoming a place where “great fashion and recycling meet.” 

Looking for a particular vintage piece? KILOfripe encourages customers to contact them with any questions regarding their current collection and potential pieces of interest. Prices generally range anywhere from $15-$60 depending on the item. 

Location: 3800 St. Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1X6

4.Village des Valeurs (Value Village)

As university students, our budgets can often get tight – from having to provide ourselves with our own groceries, rent and more, the burdens of being a student are real. Value Village is a great option to explore when you’re in need of anything ranging from new clothing items to apartment decor. Always stocked with a large selection, it’s a great place to go without breaking your wallet. With locations all around Montreal, Value Village offers convenience, lower prices, and a great selection. I often find myself at the rue Jean-Talon location where I have come across some truly great pieces, including my absolute favorite oversized yellow trench coat! 

Location: 4912 Rue Jean-Talon O, Montréal, QC H4P 1W9 

(Multiple other locations throughout the city) 

5. Renaissance 

Another great option with multiple locations around the city, Renaissance provides a vast selection of amazing clothing items at relatively low prices. Additionally, Renaissance has an amazing mission which seeks to provide opportunities for those having difficulty in the job market as well as a strong sustainability incentive. Along with this amazing goal, they also have a fantastic collection of clothing, shoes, home decor, books, electronics, and more at affordable prices. Renaissance is a great second-hand shop to explore as a university student on a budget! 

Location: 2030 Boulevard Pie-IX, Montréal, QC H1V 2C8

(Multiple other locations throughout the city)


Montreal offers an amazing variety of second-hand and vintage shops with unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else. These five happen to be some of my favorites, and I hope you can check them out as well! So get shopping and find that dream pair of ‘90s denim!

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