Prime 10 Tremendous Enjoyable Montreal Locations You Can Go To Tonight As an alternative Of Clubbing

Now and again, the idea of ​​spending another Saturday night in the club scene isn’t enticing. It’s that kind of night where you’d much prefer spending it with your friends in a place that doesn’t require you to go shopping for a new outfit. It could even be that you’d actually want to have a decent conversation with a friend without straining your vocal chords. Or maybe you’re too old to go clubbing. We’ve all been there. Saturday night shouldn’t always be synonymous with ‘party.’

So if you just want to hang out with your friends on Saturday, don’t feel guilty and read on to find out the 10 places in Montreal to go to instead of clubbing.

1. The Burgundy Lion

This British Pub fosters one of the greatest atmospheres in Montreal. Located right near Atwater market, the pub offers authentic British grub, along with their home-brewed ales. It is the perfect place to catch a hockey game, or to have a drink or two with your girlfriends. You surely won’t be disappointed.

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2. L’Gros Luxe

Just two doors down, neighboring The Burgundy Lion, is a restaurant that’s made its name in Montreal: L’Gros Luxe. What’s unique about the chain is that each restaurant adapts its menu to its location. This hangout is definitely for you if you enjoy food and creative cocktails that are insanely good. Not to mention, the restaurant is always buzzing and filled to capacity.

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3. McKibbin’s Irish Pub

What kind of Montrealers are you if you haven’t been to McKibbin’s? If you haven’t, then it’s a definite must. Since there are several floors in the pub, you can choose to either lounge in the basement and the main floor or dance upstairs. Note: it isn’t a place where you need to dress to impress. It’s a casual, laid-back place that many Montrealers enjoy going to because it frees them of their worries. No stress.

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4. La Banquise

Now, back to food. With more than 30 types of poutine, I can’t even fathom how it would be possible to go wrong. Surely, this is the best poutine you’ll ever have in Montreal. So if you and your friends are in for a late night snack then La Banquise is where you should be going. They make their own beer too!

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5. Foonzo Bar

If you’ve been itching to have a “retro night” with your friends where you can sit around and play video games, your next night out should definitely be at Foonzo. If you order drinks and food there, you get to play video games, like Nintendo, for free. Is that what you’d call an oasis for gamers? Probably. But you don’t even need to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy everything that Foonzo offers. It’s definitely the best kind of throwback night, especially for 90s kids.

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6. Orange Julep

Orange juice and milk is a combination that many would probably think is gross. That’s what Orange Julep is, though, and it’s probably the best concoction you’ll ever taste. That huge orange off of the Decarie is a Montreal staple, and it’s an awesome place to hang out with your friends. You may drink some juice and indulge in some greasy food or soft serve iced cream. Side note: if you happen to stop by on a Wednesday night, you’ll get to see the Julep’s iconic car meet. Those hot rods and the atmosphere will have you feeling as though you’ve time-travelled to the 60s.

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7. La Belle et La Boeuf

Beef, beef, and more beef. Did I mention beef? La Belle et La Boeuf is the place for you when you feel like having a low-key night. You can go for dinner and stay for drinks and possibly a showing of a sporting event. All of you meat lovers won’t be disappointed. How could you be when they have a dishes called “Epic” and “Heart Attack”?

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8. Cocoa 70

Perhaps you and your friends aren’t up for a meal, and you’d all like to satisfy your sweet tooth. Cacao 70 brings you the most decadent plates of sweets you could ever imagine. It’s a relaxing place that you can go to after dinner and you can definitely share your massive plate. You can even roast marshmallows on your table, and that is definitely a bonding experience between friends.

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9. Deville Diner Bar

The trendiest diner in Montreal is definitely Deville. It’s a cross between modern-day dining and old-school vibes. For example, you can choose the song that plays aloud in the restaurant by downloading a jukebox app on your phone. The food is absolutely awesome and ahead of the game. Be sure to try and share a fishbowl drink with your friends – you won’t be disappointed!

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10. La Distillerie

I’m sure you’ve all had Instagram envy of people posting pictures of their cocktails from La Distillerie. The pub probably has the most delicious, creative, and trendy cocktails in Montreal. While drinking, you could also indulge in their snacks: a jar of goldfish, beef jerky, and popcorn, all while being immersed in the coolest of atmospheres in Montreal.

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