Place of Grace Los Angeles

Place of Grace Los Angeles

Clarence McClendon Ministries is led by McClendon himself, who is seen by many as a prophet. The ministries act as a place for people from across the world, from all backgrounds and walks of life, to come together and share in their worship and faith. Thanks to the digital technologies found today, McClendon is able to lead global communions once a week through live streaming. The countdown found on the website can help people plan for the communion, even if they are halfway around the world. There is even the prophetic community, which is part of the website where members can share their thoughts, ideas, and even photos. It is completely free to join, and the best place for those seeking to expand their community. The Place of Grace in Los Angeles is another well-known part of the McClendon Ministries community.

The Place of Grace

The Place of Grace is where followers from everywhere can go for healing. It is a place where the healing power of Jesus can be used to treat any ailment or affliction. The name comes from the name Bethesda, which was said to be a place in Jerusalem where anyone could go to feel the power of Jesus as it healed them. The name Bethesda means The Place of Grace, which is where McClendon Ministries got the name. No one has to earn the right to visit The Place of Grace because everyone is worthy of being healed. McClendon does not want anyone in the community to feel like they are not worthy of the anointment of Christ’s healing powers. There is enough grace to go around, and anyone is welcome at The Place of Grace to find healing in whatever they need.

More Healing

The Academy of Healing and Wellness is going to be the next chapter for McClendon Ministries. While there has not been much information about it released yet, the name seems to suggest it will also have something to do with the healing power found at The Place of Grace. The website is the most up-to-date place to search for more information.

More About Clarence McClendon Ministries

Clarence McClendon Ministries might be a great place for healing and wellness, but they can offer so much more those looking to join the community. Many people are feeling alone and isolated right now, which makes it the best time to get in touch with others who share the same faith as you. McClendon Ministries has one of the largest followings because they can reach a global audience. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your social or economic class. They strive to make everyone feel accepted, which has led to a very diverse following. With the weekly live communions and online prophetic community, it will be hard to feel isolated again.

Getting in Touch

The easiest way to stay up to date with Clarence McClendon Ministries and the community is by going to the website. You are able to watch the live communions, join the prophetic community, and find all the information you need. People with smartphones have the option to download the app. It offers everything the website does, with the added benefit of getting to take it wherever you go. You can also Contact Clarence E. McClendon at 310-323-2600 with questions or concerns.

Place of Grace Los Angeles

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Place of Grace Los Angeles

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