Physique of a person present in a Montreal rubbish can, police investigating 27th murder of 2022

The body of a man was found lifeless in a garbage can on Doctor Penfield Ave. in Montreal on Friday evening.

Montrea police (SPVM) confirm that they are investigating the 27th homicide of the year on the territory.

SPVM spokesperson Jean-Pierre Brabant said that police officers were called at approximately 7:20 pm on Friday evening to conduct checks in an apartment on Avenue des Pins, near the intersection with McGregor Ave.

While conducting their checks in this apartment in the Ville-Marie borough, patrol officers noticed traces of blood.

They then continued their search and discovered the unconscious body of a man hidden in an outdoor garbage can on Doctor Penfield Ave.

The victim’s body showed signs of violence.

A security perimeter was quickly set up and major crime investigators were dispatched to the scene.

A team of forensic identification technicians was also called in. A mobile command post from the SPVM was deployed to assist them.

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