“Not So Good”: Montreal Chinese language Restaurant Goes Viral by way of Trustworthy Menu – Montreal

Tante Dai has served a mix of traditional and North American Chinese cuisine for seven years.

Owner Feigang Fei says he thinks his food is pretty good, but not perfect. And his goal is to be transparent and honest with his customers through his menu.

“If I don’t like it, I tell people I don’t like it that much,” said Fei. “I brag a little about some things, but it’s just natural to me.”

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Each item on Aunt Dai’s menu is accompanied by a description written by Fei himself.

About his orange-colored beef, he writes, that it is “not so good – but it is your decision”.

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When describing his satay sauce beef, he says it is new to the menu and “I haven’t had a chance to try it.”

He also tells his customers that he’s not a huge fan of the sweet and spicy pork strip version in his restaurant, saying, “It’s delicious, but not the same as the one he had in China.”

“I was just looking forward to it (the sweet and hot pork strips), but I was definitely disappointed with our version,” said Fei. “But you can’t ask the cook for too much change. They have their own version. “

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“This opens up a very personal dialogue and I think if more chefs and restaurants follow this personal approach, it may change the dining experience and make the people behind the kitchen doors more accessible,” she said.

Fei says he’s been writing the blurb on his menu for years, but it went viral a few days ago.

Montreal resident Kim Belair tweeted that Aunt Dai was her favorite Chinese restaurant in town for both the food and the extremely honest menu.

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Aunt Dai is my favorite Chinese restaurant in Montreal, but the REAL indulgence is the menu with extremely honest comments from the owner. pic.twitter.com/FpA1xt0GrF

– Kim Belair (@BagelofDeath) January 10, 2021

Within a few days, the tweet garnered tens of thousands of likes and retweets.

“I find it refreshing to see some honesty from someone like that – from someone who makes my favorite food, to say the least – this food you love? It could be better, ”said Belair.

Since the tweet, Fei has said the restaurant has seen a surge in orders.

And while he is grateful for the support and welcomes new customers, he doesn’t want them to have high expectations.

“As I always say, we try to get better, but we’re not that good,” he said. “We’re kind of above average – 70, 75, something like that.”

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At the end of the day, says Fei, it’s your call.

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