Nespresso Canada establishes new distribution middle in Montreal

Nespresso Canada opens a new distribution center in Montreal. The 325,000-sf facility will be the first Canadian warehouse leased by Nespresso.

Owned by Rosefellow real estate development firm and its partners Skyline Commercial REIT and Fit Ventures, the new facility will allow Nespresso Canada to store the majority of products being shipped to its Quebec outlets, as well as those shipped directly to consumers making online purchases, including infinitely recyclable aluminum capsules. Teams will be able to settle by the summer of 2022.

“We are pleased to establish this new distribution center in the Pointe-Claire region of Montreal, a key location where Nespresso Canada decided to set up its Canadian head office in 2009. Thanks to the support of solid, visionary partners in the development of the new warehouse space, Nespresso Canada has once again reiterated its commitment to meeting Quebec consumers’ growing demands,” said Audrey Rzasa, vice-president of operations at Nespresso Canada. “We are thrilled that the distribution centre’s infrastructure was built with sustainability in mind, aligned with our commitments.”

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