My Favourite Montreal Spots & Issues To Do After 6 Months Of Dwelling Right here

I won’t pretend like I’ve been everywhere in Montreal, but since I moved here, I’ve made it a mission to seek out the activities, dining experiences and attractions that give the city its electric allure.

From the food scene to the booming nightlife and the nature spots, I feel lucky I get to learn more about the metropolis every day.

Here are my favorite Montreal spots and things to do so far.

Favorite Park: Jarry

I feel lucky to live near this gigantic park, so picturesque all year long.

I love to go there in the summertime with just a picnic basket and a notebook. It’s also the perfect spot to ride a Bixi and feed the squirrels.

Come the first snowfall, it transforms into a winter wonderland. Perhaps it doesn’t have Mount Royal’s breathtaking city views, but at least it’s not crowded with tourists.

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Favorite bar: Le Petit Mexico

You can’t go wrong with loud Latin music and jars of fruity frozen margaritas. Just a short walk away from Taiyo St-Denis, you’ll find this Mexican-themed bar that won my heart.

It can be freezing outside, but the warm atmosphere of Le Petit Mexico will help you overcome your winter blues.

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Favorite Speakeasy: Le Mal Necessaire

This small speakeasy in Chinatown is not the most Instagram-worthy, but I found myself drawn to it on a few occasions.

I find the location convenient, the atmosphere intimate, and there’s just something about drinking your cocktail in a pineapple or coconut.

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Favorite party: Picnic Electronics

Next summer, I’ll get a season pass. This is one of the best parties I’ve ever been to in my entire life.

DJ sets in nature, drinking out of buckets and dancing to the beats rain or shine… a million times yes.

I still can’t believe they manage to pull it off every weekend in summer. Hats off to the organizers!

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Favorite restaurant: India Rosa

This was one of the first restaurants I tried in Montreal and it set the bar very high.

Indian brunch, tapas and tasty cocktails in a comfortable setting, this plateau restaurant has it all. And now, the owners have opened a second location in Griffintown.

I can’t wait to go again to eat the vegetarian butter chicken. 10/10

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Favorite festival: îLESONIQ

I’m a big fan of EDM so obviously, I chose îLESONIQ over Osheaga or Lasso.

The 2022 edition was memorable, with artists like Sean Paul and Swedish House Mafia. Some of my dreams came true.

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Favorite Music Venue: New City Gas

It’s hard to compete with New City Gas given the impressive lineup.

The best DJs in the world perform there regularly and I always have a blast.

I recommend special events like the Halloween party.

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Favorite Sushi Buffet: Taiyo St-Denis

Sushi is my favorite meal and I’ve tried several restaurants across the city. Taiyo St-Denis is currently at the top of my list.

For less than $40, you can eat as much as you want — or as much as you can — off its diverse menu. No wonder why it’s always full.

I love the fact that you place your order on a tablet. And the smoke effect on the sushi plates as they arrive is just fun.

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Favorite brunch: L’Oeufrier

Home of the breakfast poutine, L’Oeufrier is my go-to brunch place every Sunday morning after a wild night of partying downtown.

Montreal has many great brunch spots but this one is a chain, with one location just down the road from my flat.

Every time I tell myself I’ll try something new on the menu, I always end up getting the delicious salmon eggs benny.

I know this entry will anger a lot of Montreal brunch devotees. But I write this without shame. This is my truth.

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Favorite Rooftop Venue: William Gray Terrace

The views of Old Montreal and the Grande Roue from Terrasse William Gray are hard to beat.

At the time of writing, you can book a bubble dome at the venue to comfortably enjoy a memorable outdoor dinner or brunch this winter. It was quite a magical experience for me.

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