Montreal’s STM Bus And Metro Tickets Are (In all probability) Going To Value Extra Subsequent 12 months

Just when anew report showcased the socio-economic benefits of making public transit completely free in Montreal, news broke about when ticket prices on the STM will increase.

happy, we have a bit of time.

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The Regional Authority de transport métropolitain (ARTM) board of directors met on Wednesday, reports La Presse, and the group put a pause on all price hikes for transit systems in the Greater Montreal area.

This includes the STM, STL, and RTL, along with other commuter lines.

The freeze on prices will last until July of 2018.

That means it will be a full two years between price increases for STM users. An increase on a bus/metro ticket on the STM network occurred in July 2016.

Two years is a pretty long time, especially given the economic gains Montreal (and Canada at-large) has experienced in the last while.

With that in mind, it’s probable that ticket prices to access the STM network will rise next summer, once the price freeze is over.

Yes, STM ticket prices will probably increase next year, but nothing is set in stone. Besides, the price increases are usually pretty minimal, so your wallet won’t be gouged if it does happen.

Unless we do get free public transit, then this is all a moot point anyway.

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