Montreal’s “Official” Christmas Tree Ranked #1 Most Ugly In Canada

When Montrealers were laughing at the Christmas tree in Place des Arts, that was one thing. We’re allowed to make fun of ourselves. But then the rest of the country started talking about how our tree is ugly, and that’s not okay.

Even Buzzfeed and Today are laughing at us.

You can bash Montreal all you want, but have to live here to earn that privilege.

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Unfortunately I Decided to take a look at some of the other trees around the country and it turns out that everyone was 100% right. Our tree sucks, and everyone has every right to make fun of it.

We even asked our readers to nominate Canada’s ugliest tree, and Montreal got 74% of the vote.

So it’s official: Montreal has the ugliest Christmas tree in the country.

What city in Canada do you think has the most ugly “official” Christmas tree? #toronto, #vancouver, #montreal, #ottawa, #canada

— MTL Blog (@mtlblog) December 7, 2016

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Now let’s take a look at the other trees:

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