Montreal’s black and indigenous cooks now run the brand new Jean Talon Market restaurant

With the launch of La Maison Onyx in the Jean Talon Market on July 7th, Montreal now has a new culinary destination to discover some of the best indigenous and black chefs in the city. As part of the Community Food Program of the DESTA Black Youth Network, an organization that supports black youth ages 18-35 with education, employability and entrepreneurship, the new marketplace is a new spotlight for underrepresented communities in the city.

A portion of each chef’s profit is donated to DESTA Food to expand their services to the communities.

Le Maison Onyx’s first season kicks off with Chef Jae-Anthony serving Caribbean specialties from his Saint-Henri restaurant Tropikàl and serving street-food style dishes to be followed by subsequent chefs.

Other names hitting the farmer’s market include Elle Jay’s cook Marissa Leon-John, a two-time MasterChef Canada nominee and private chef; Chef Evy Mendes from Cantine Toca Toca, who prepares vegan West African dishes; Boom J’s Cuisine chef Jermaine Wallace serves food from his famous Jamaican restaurant, Pointe-Saint-Charles; Chef Solange Pati cooks the Afro-Quebecois cuisine of Maquis Yasolo; and Richard Tait from Bistro Nolah, who makes Southern / Soul food.

DESTA’s own Community Food Program Coordinator Berlin Reed is the head chef at Atelier Etta, who conjures up desserts on the menu with his creative partner Zoe Cousineau. Additional chefs will also be announced on DESTA’s Instagram page.

Throughout the summer, menus offered by chefs will include “a variety of cuisines and local products, chef-led market tours, and on-site demonstrations of food,” according to DESTA.

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