Montreal Ranked As One Of The Finest Locations To Stay In Canada & This is Who We Beat

It’s no secret Canada has loads to offer — from breathtaking landscapes, and a booming cultural scene all the way to our prized delish dishes, you really can’t go wrong, and while that’s always a plus when it comes to visiting Canada, it can make things wildly overwhelming when deciding where to live.

Luckily, MoveHub, an international moving service, ranked the best places to live in Canada and turns out, Montreal is one spot you should definitely consider.

“We’ll be looking at the best places to live in Canada – whether you’re concerned with food, climate, or a career, we’ll have you covered,” the company wrote.

Montreal took the top spot for its eat and drink scene, making it clear that our city’s delectable cuisines remain unmatched. “Canada has some iconic foods – think maple syrup, poutine, and smoked meat – and they’re all apparently done to their best in Montreal,” MoveHub said, and absolutely no lies were detected.

In addition to our impressive roster of restaurants across the 514, Montreal’s “very low cost of living” and “high population of young people,” were also given a shoutout.

Montreal successfully beat out major cities like Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa — proving our foodie culture is not to be reckoned with.

MoveHub included a couple cons when it comes to living in Montreal, which include possibly having to learn French and living in a city that is often under construction. But the language of love and a sea of ​​orange cones seems like a totally reasonable price to pay for top-notch poutine, bagels and maple treats, right?

MoveHub also recognized two other Quebec locations: Boucherville and Quebec City.

Boucherville was ranked best for rural escapes while Quebec City was named one of the best places to live in Canada for its culture.

Here’s the complete ranking of the best places to live in Canada and why:

  • Montreal—Food and drink
  • Boucherville — Rural escapes
  • Edmonton- Families
  • Halifax — Affordable property
  • Quebec City—Culture
  • Burlington—Climate
  • Toronto—Job opportunities

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