Montreal police holding an eye fixed out for ‘pink cocaine’

Montreal police are on the lookout for so-called “pink cocaine” as testing for potential samples of the drug is currently underground.

While catchy, the term “pink cocaine” is a bit of a misnomer. The drug isn’t really cocaine at all — rather, it’s a substance called phenylethylamine or 2C-B.

Montreal police (SPVM) describe it as a “party drug” with similar effects to ecstasy (MDMA). They say pink cocaine — also called “Tusibi,” “Tucibi,” or “Tuci” — can sell for twice the price of actual cocaine.

Popular in party scenes in Colombia, the drug is reportedly making its way into Europe.

So far, the drug doesn’t appear to be widespread in Montreal, according to the SPVM.

There was one case this year where officers seized what appeared to be pink cocaine, but it’s too early to say for sure.

“As the analysis is not yet complete, we cannot confirm the exact composition of the substance at this time,” a spokesperson for the SPVM told CTV News.

Police say they’re keeping their eyes peeled. “We are also working with our community partners who are on the lookout for any changes in the supply on the street.”

Cactus Montreal, an organization that provides harm reduction services, said it is aware of a couple of cases of the drug being spotted on the city’s streets in recent years.

Jean-François Mary, the director of Cactus, said the colorful powder can be attractive to partygoers but warns there is a risk since there are many unknowns about the drug.

“First of all, you don’t know how much there is of each substance. You don’t know the ratio of the mix between each substance. And you don’t really know which substances there are,” he said.

Mary said it can contain a whole host of drugs, including MDMA, MDA, methamphetamines, ketamine, sometimes cocaine, caffeine, and of course, a dash of food colouring.

“The pink is about marketing,” he said. “As usual, before you take a substance try to get the most information you can.”

The RCMP charged a 23-year-old Quebec City trucker in January with importing 2C-B into Canada. Canadian border guards arrested the man in Point Edward, Ont. after a secondary inspection of his commercial transport truck after officers seized approximately 265 kilograms of heroin, 2C-B, and methamphetamines.

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