Montreal firefighters assist out within the kitchen within the metropolis’s shelters

For a decade, Montreal firefighters have been donating their time and talents in the kitchen to cook for the city’s less fortunate.

On Tuesday, a crew from Station 47 of Rosemont-Petite-Patrie was at Resilience Montreal cooking up shepherd’s pie for around 300 people at the day shelter.

“We got all the guys together, we go out and buy the food ourselves, we serve it, that’s our goal every year to help feed the homeless or the less fortunate,” said Lieutenant Sean Metcalfe.

Another team was at Chez Doris, and another was at St-Michael’s Mission.

“There’s much more that they do in terms of saving lives,” said Montreal city councilor Sterling Downey. “They fight fires, and they deliver food baskets, serving meals, all the community stuff they do is in terms of saving lives.”

David Chapman of Resilience Montreal said the organization is feeling the inflation pinch this year particularly acutely, so the lunch really helps.


“We spend over $10.00 a week on food, $45,000 a month and the costs have been going up,” said Chapman. “I have to raise a few hundred thousand dollars before the end of the year. We really do appreciate the generosity of the community at a time like this.”

The tour continues Wednesday when another team from another fire station will be hosting a large supper for almost 400 people at the Welcome Hall Mission.

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