Montreal bars can keep open till three am once more on November 1, with extra folks allowed inside

According to a report by Radio-Canada, the Quebec government plans to cut back on health restrictions surrounding the operation of bars and restaurants as of November 1: The two-metre distance appears to be coming to an end, with tables having to stay either 1 meter apart or have a barrier between them if the distance can’t be achieved, and—perhaps the biggest news of all—bars will be able to stay open until 3 am

Wearing masks will still be required when patrons aren’t seated at a table, and there will still be a limit on how many people will be allowed to sit at one table; it’s currently maxed at 10 people from three different households. The ban on dancing and singing will stay in effect as well, with the vaccination passport continuing to be used.

The news comes at a time when many Montreal establishments are decrying the hypocrisy of allowing venues like the Bell Center pack tens of thousands of people together for shows while smaller venues have been denied the same permissions.

Admittedly, while we’re paying a little bit of extra inordinate amount of attention to Turbo Haüs here, they’re not wrong:

Not for nothing, but I’d rather have 60% standing and dancing than 100% seated.

— Turbo Haus (@TurboHaus) October 14, 2021

Until November 1 comes, bars will remain limited to 50% of their maximum capacity, and bars and restaurants will only be allowed to serve alcohol until 1 am, with bars closing by 2 am

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