Manufacturers Like Maxi Are Creating Their Personal Variations Of Nike’s Montreal Bagel Sneakers (PHOTOS)

Nike’s release of the Montreal bagel-themed dunks seems to be a real success, to the extent that the shoes are getting Philadelphia cream cheese socks to pair them with. And now, people are coming up with more food-inspired sneaker designs to represent the city.

The shoe designs are funny (and sometimes appetizing).

The “poutine dunk” by Right: The spaghetti and meatball shoe” by Stefano | Instagram, sfaita | Instagram

Maxi launched the trend with a model inspired by the iconic pâté chinois.

Decorated with visuals of corn and ground beef, the shepherd’s pie-themed dunks might not be as sophisticated as the original sneakers, but they made quite an impression on the local grocery retailer’s Instagram page. replied to Maxi with two of their own designs, honoring local food classics — namely our beloved poutine and Montreal smoked meat.

Food entrepreneur Stefano Faita came up with a spaghetti and meatball edition.

Pink and white, the dunks also feature the well-known Italian hand gesture, replacing Nike’s Swoosh, and the concept is just brilliant.

Last but not least, L’Oeufrier shared three breakfast-inspired models decorated with eggs, lucky charms, bacon and toasted bread. Those sneakers attracted the eyes of some brunch enthusiasts in our city.

No offense to brunch enthusiasts, but that’s a bit much, right?

Anyway, which pair of dunks would you like to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments, and maybe Nike will take note.

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