Issues To Do With Your Associates This Halloween 2015 In Montreal

Halloween is a pretty special time as far as holidays go, maybe the most special time, as not only do you get to dress up and have fun being a total monster, but with the added benefit of complete anonymity! While you’re probably a little too old to go out knocking on doors for candy anymore (says who!?), it doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of tricks and treats to be had in the city.

All Hallow’s Eve comes but once a year, so make sure you get your scream’s worth and check out these spooktastic Montreal ways to have a wicked awesome Halloween 2015!

1. Get yourself a dope onesie.

Montreal-based has been around for about 3 years now and has become Canada’s #1 onesie shop. Specializing in kigurumi (delightful Japanese animal and character onesies for adults), choose from over 100 different designs available, perfect for Halloween. Kigurumis are unique, super comfortable, layerable, and best of all, totally reusable!

Long after Halloween has come and gone, it is perfectly acceptable to lounge around as a giant sloth, or a majestic blue unicorn, or even pull it over your snowsuit for Igloofest. I won’t lie, they’re especially nice for recovering from a wicked hangover. Buy online and have it shipped or pick it up directly from their Mile End headquarters.

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2. Party at Rouge Bar.

One of the hottest clubs in town, if you’re looking to rage for Halloween, Rouge Bar is always mad hype. With 2 floors and 4 DJs, Rouge will host its massive Halloween party on the Friday night that generally attracts hundreds of sexy (and scary!) Montrealers. On the Saturday night, it’s a Game of Thrones theme party with a grand prize for best costume. If you look like you just stepped straight out of Westeros, you could win a new snowboard, speakers, a Rouge Bar gift certificate, and a travel voucher. There’s no cover, and the line will definitely be a long one, so you may want to make a reservation.

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3. Get the sh*t scared out of you at Peur Depot – Virus Edition.

More than just a haunted house, Peur Depot is a unique attraction in the Old Port that offers an immersive, sensorial, scare-the-living-shit-out-of-you, walkthrough experience that only makes sense to visit for Halloween. Through various horrifying visuals and sound effects, you’ll have to face your deepest fears as you make your way through the series of dark, customized containers.

Peur Depot offers an addictive and interactive game with three intensity levels. Combat the various stages of a deadly virus outbreak while accumulating points through tests of skill, speed, and above all else, courage! Walkthroughs typically take about 20-minutes to complete, and from pre-show right until the end of the experience, Peur Depot will definitely have you screaming for Halloween.

Peur Depot – Virus – The Game! is open Thursday – Saturday from 1pm to 11pm & Sunday from 1pm to 9pm until November 1st. Halloween is coming up almost, so make sure to get your tickets online soon as it sells out quickly.

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4. Grab some drinks Le Saint-Édouard pub.

Located in the Mile-End/Rosemont area, this friendly neighborhood bar is always a favorite for Halloween and this year will be no different. Celebrating on both the Friday and Saturday night, this is a great spot if you want to celebrate but also chill dressed up in your costume. There will be a $500 gift certificate up for grabs for the best costume, with small prizes for second and third place, voted through their Facebook page. Make sure to get to Le Saint-Édouard early if you want to avoid the lineup and get some seats.

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5. Shoot monsters at Tir du Soleil.

Montreal’s only urban shooting range has transformed its state-of-the-art facilities into a Halloween zombie house where you can take aim at various monsters before they eat your brains. Shoot-to-kill 1 to 8 moving and stationary monster targets with a variety of different air-guns, and we highly suggest dressing up like Rick Grimes or Daryl Dixon for the full Walking Dead experience. Plus, until October 31, students get 50% off on the Super Rambo package if you feel like using the big guns.

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6. Stock up on candy at Freak Lunchbox.

By far the coolest candy store in the city, Freak Lunchbox on the Main is instantly recognizable for its classic hand-painted signage inspired by circus side shows, roadside attractions, and the most awesome candy! Freak Lunchbox is dedicated to finding the newest, weirdest, and hippest pop culture items in the world, perfect for your trick or treating needs.

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