Highlight on Quebec microbreweries at Time Out Market Montreal

Did someone say beer? Drinking is famously part of Montréal’s culture, and microbreweries are a clear favorite. But with over 150 microbreweries across the province to choose from, it can sometimes be a sobering choice. Time Out Market Montreal’s Beer Bar has done all the hard work for us thanks to a new event showcasing the best local brews each month.

What is it?

Starting the first week of May, Avant-Garde’s Haute bohemian (a traditional Czech-style pilsner), fashionista (NAIPA) and Rouge Framboise (Raspberry and Meyer Lemon) will be on hand to kick things off. Don’t miss the official tasting day on May 11 at 5 pm where you can geek-out with the brewmaster or brand ambassador during happy hour, or soak up their know -how while sipping on their latest brew (you’ll want to hear the story about how they started their business in a bingo hall).

Grab a stool and enjoy a crisp, refreshing pint (or three) in Time Out Market Montreal’s expansive bar, located inside the soaring 40,000-square-foot food hall. And don’t forget to grab something to eat, made by some of the city’s top chefs and restaurants, using our suggested pairings.

What’s on the menu?

Rouge Framboise + Paul Toussaint’s Jerk chicken sandwich, pikliz coleslaw and plantain fries

Why? Below the raspberry is a silky, light and simple white ale base that is the perfect foil to the spicy, tangy jerk spices. The raspberry adds acidity to the palate, which will be appreciated as the heat rises on our tongue.

Haute Boheme + Burger T! beef burger signed toque! with eggplant chutney, jalapeno mayonnaise and Blackburn cheese

Why? This beer’s delicate cereal and floral aromas will agree with the discreet charm of the eggplant, while its dry and refreshing body will clean the palate (while tempering the heat of the jalapeno), leaving the mouth craving another bite.

Fashionista + Americas BBQ’s grilled cheese with smoked brisket

Why? Tropical fruit and citrus flavors from intense hopping are definitely required to resonate with this sandwich’s similarly robust sweet, fatty, smokey and rich flavor profile.

Haute Bohème + Moleskine’s Marguerite pizza (tomato sauce, fior di latte, stracciatella di bufala, olive oil and basil)

Why? Czech lagers, just like margherita pizzas, embody the idea of ​​”less is more” by allowing the freshness of a small number of quality ingredients to shine. This delicate and floral beer will lean against the acidity of the tomato, and slide into the cream of the buffalo stracciatella.

Every month, a local Quebec microbrewery will be invited to offer a selection of its best products at Time Out Market Montreal’s Beer Bar.

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