Ganadara Is Formally Again In Downtown Montreal & Plans To Open A Second Location

Montreal restaurant Ganadara finally reopened its doors in December, after closing for nearly two years amid the pandemic. Patrons flocked back, eager for the Korean fare, despite some changes to the popular eatery.

You can still get your favorite bulgogi ramyun and chicken buldak, although you have to get them to go. Fortunately, if you’re craving Ganadara’s indoor atmosphere, a new location is in the works that will offer indoor dining.

“We are super excited to announce the arrival of our first ever Ganadara branch, designed specifically for take away or delivery only,” the restaurant posted on Instagram.

“We do not offer seating as we don’t want to restrict our service based on the amount of seating available… Don’t be disappointed as several other branches with a dining room are planned for 2023.”

In fact, restaurant owner JP told MTL Blog that he plans open 50 locations “within the next few years.”

The next Ganadara will open in Verdun and that location will have indoor seating.

The location on Wellington Street is confirmed although an opening date has not yet been announced.


Where: 1417, rue Mackay, Montreal, QC

When: Monday to Saturday, 11:30 am — 8:30 pm


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