Freezing Rain In Montreal Leads To Some Hilarious Icy Antics (Pictures & Movies)

If you’re moving around Montreal today, you’re going to want to do so as gingerly as possible (or put your ice skates on) because it is essentially an ice rink out there. Environment Canada issued a Freezing Rain Warning for the city and surrounding area on Boxing Day and it has extended into today, meaning the ice and freezing rain has yet to let up. 

Flights at Montreal, Quebec City, and the Ottawa airports have all been at risk of delay or cancellation because of the slippery conditions.

But it’s not just worrisome for people in planes or cars: just walking around Montreal today is a hazard to your safety. 

Many Montrealers are still waiting for salt to be spread on the streets and sidewalks outside their homes. 

The conditions have caused many to get creative with their methods of transportation. From moonwalking to skating in the driveway and even… biking on the St. Lawrence.

No, that is not a joke. If you’d like to see how Montrealers are dealing with these slippery conditions, just take a look below at some of the most hilarious (and salty) tweets.

Plus, people have been sending us some pretty ridiculous videos and we just had to share them with you, as well. Take a look below.

Just please don’t bike across bodies of water without contacting local authorities and checking freeze conditions first.

Émilie Aubry of Météo Média gave a firsthand weather update this morning with this video of her sliding along the icy sidewalks in Montreal. 

Du #verglas ce matin sur le sud du #qc. Soyez prudents et suivez l’évolution de la #meteo sur les ondes de…

— Émilie Aubry (@Émilie Aubry)

Translation: Glaze ice this morning over Southern Quebec. Be careful and follow the weather evolution on Météo Média.

Skating on the driveway.

Sure, you can be careful… or you can be proactive, like this MTL Blog reader below, who opted to pop on their skates to make the trek across their driveway to avoid falling on the ice.

Video courtesy of @janu_21_ and @shines_withrp on Instagram.

It’s hard to tell what’s worse at this point, the sidewalks or the roads.

Ice covering car.

Or, in the case of MTL Blog reader @mrnaqeebnoori, perhaps the ice covering the car is an issue before ever even getting on the road. 

Which is why, I’m assuming, the person below decided to screw it all and take the St. Lawrence…. by bike.

Biking on the Saint Lawrence.

Thanks to MTL Blog reader @sheriffhay for that unseeable moment of Montreal life. I can’t say I’m not impressed.

When in doubt, just turn it into a game, like the person who tweeted above.

Whoever hits the ground the most loses, but should be treated to a chocolat chaud for their suffering.

And if you don’t have a bike to take along the St. Lawrence and you’re not so adept at skating, there’s always moonwalking.

Moonwalk on the ice.

J’ai marché 200 mètres sur ce verglas sans tomber quand même. Michael Jackson could neveeeer

— Ibrahim.🃏 (@Ibrahim.🃏)

Translation: I walked 200 metres on this ice without even falling.

I would 100% put my money on a Montrealer to outdo M.J. when it comes to a competition on ice.

Though let’s not get cocky. Even if we are well-versed in the ways of getting around in slippery situations, everyone, even a Montrealer, comes to a day when they eventually fall.

Je me demandais comment les gens faisaient pour tomber à cause du verglas mais aujourd’hui franchement j’ai compris 💀💀💀

— Tiezzo (@Tiezzo)

Translation: I was wondering how people fell because of ice but now I understand.

Translation: That ice there, someone could die.

Which is why the safest choice is always just to stay home and wait until the weather inevitably swings in the other direction.

Or keep waiting for the salt truck to eventually come around… but don’t hold your breath. 

@MTL_Ville people have to walk on the road because the sidewalks are pure ice. Yet not even one salt /sand dispense…

— Elena (@Elena)

@MTL_Ville vous attendez quoi pour mettre du sel sur les trottoirs des rues de Montréal-Nord? Depuis hier qu’on sai…

— ET34N1TY (@ET34N1TY)

Translation: What are you waiting for to put salt on the sidewalks of the streets in Montreal North. The freezing rain was announced yesterday.

It seems a lot of areas around the city are still waiting for the salt trucks to come by and spew out those little pellets that offer at least some semblance of safety. 

And considering much of the city is on a hill… sooner rather than later would be ideal.

Montreal… Des rues en pente avec des angles de 30°… Et le verglas.

Vous vous attendiez à quoi ? 😒

— M A R I. ฑ (@M A R I. ฑ)

Translation: Sloping streets with angles of 30°… and ice. What are you waiting for?

Today people are ice skating in the streets of Montreal and American internet is arguing that the suburbs are the h…

— Conor Landry (@Conor Landry)

Yes, this has proven to be a test of our strength in the final stretch of 2019. It’s even a little Darwinian… whoever survives the icy streets of Montreal gets to enter 2020.

Though all jokes aside, it is rather dangerous out there and if you’re young and spry you may not be so worried about a fall, but not everyone can be so flippant.

Malheureusement, il va sûrement y avoir de mauvaises chutes aujourd’hui…

Quand les piétons doivent emprunter la…

— Le Grand David (@Le Grand David)

Translation: Unfortunately, there will probably be bad falls today. When pedestrians have to walk in the street, it is a sign that the sidewalk is ice. CAUTION… and CRAMPONS!

Mouvement d’humeur … festival de la glisse, des fractures de hanches et des fonds de culottes mouillés, du platea…

— Frederique Marie (@Frederique Marie)

Translation: Movement mood… Festival of sliding, hip fractures and wet bottoms. From the Plateau to Downtown, icy sidewalks. I helped two people who fell. I am not proud of my city. If you can, avoid going out.

So if you see someone out there struggling through the slippery streets, offer an elbow or helping hand. It could mean the difference between a nasty fall or not.

Slipping and sliding!

The freezing rain is expected to taper off in Montreal by later today, though much of Southern Quebec will see it long into the afternoon.

Very cool! Watching ice form in real time this morning = inspired!
#montreal #naturelovers #inspiration

— Kateland Murphy (@Kateland Murphy)

So, as many have said above, if you can avoid going out, do so. Opt instead to enjoy the icy world outside from the safety of your home.

And if you do have to go out — go slow and stay safe out there, Montreal.

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