Eight Montreal Locations To Get Drunk With Your Associates That Aren’t A Bar

Photo cred – Foonzo

When it comes to going out drinking with your friends, Montreal definitely has no shortage of venues. There are literally hundreds of bars to choose from where you can get a healthy buzz going, but often times it revolves around basic loitering, either making awkward small-talk to pass the time, or simply just staring off into space, hoping something (or someone) will come along to distract you. Sure, the whole drinking part does a pretty decent job of that, but sometimes it’s fun to actually have something to do, other than sitting, while you get shwasty.

Thankfully, there are places to go to in Montreal that not only serve you alcohol, but also offer fun activities to partake in. Where not only is it totally fine to be drunk while you’re doing them, it’s pretty much encouraged.

1. Putting Edge

1259 Rue Guy

Trip out to glow-in-the-dark aliens, spaceships and toadstools while you wander around the zany mini-putt course, all with a pitcher of beer in hand. Putting Edge is a great place to get drunk with your friends if you want more than just sitting around a table. $11 bucks gets you 18 holes, a glow bracelet, and you can even win prizes.

2. Quilles G Plus Rosebowl

6510 Rue St-Jacques Ouest

Ah, bowling. So simple, but always so fun. Rosebowl offers 36 10-pin lanes with electronic scoring systems, an old-school arcade including air-hockey and foosball tables, and a full-service bar.

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Photo cred – Randolph Pub Ludique

3. Randolph Pub Ludique

Playing board games is not exactly revolutionary, but when you throw in a dozen beers on tap, cocktails, gourmet meals and sandwiches, and a library of over 1,500 different kinds of games, now it’s a party. Randolph’s game masters will even select the perfect games to match your mood and explain how to play it.

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Photo cred – Forum de Montreal

4. Forum GameCenter

2313 Rue St-Catherine Ouest

As fun as it is to sneak a 40oz into the theater at the Forum, watching a movie with friends is not very interactive. But a night at the GameCenter located just upstairs definitely is. With approximately 100 interactive video games, air hockey tables, pinball machines, numerous pool tables, and a fully licensed bar, the Forum GameCenter is one of the largest and most comprehensive gaming centers in Quebec. Plus, when you charge a game card for the first time, you get a bunch of free games.


5. Sharx

1606 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Don’t be misled by the fact that Sharx is technically a pool hall, because even if you’re not the biggest fan of pool, you’ll find plenty of other things to do. Sharx has got a bit of a loungy feel, but it also has cosmic bowling, multiple state-of-the-art virtual golf screens, private booths and a huge food menu.

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6. Comedy Nest

2313 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

When you’ve had your fill of gaming at the GameCenter, head over for some laughs at the Comedy Nest. With a full-service bar, cabaret-style seating, and free snacks for everyone, Comedy Nest shows are 90 minutes and feature an MC, opening acts, and some of the biggest names in the buisness.

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7. Foonzo

1245 rue Drummond

Okay, so Foonzo is a bar, but also so much more. You get all the same benefits of a chill place to get your drink on, but also the added entertainment of retro video and board games (drunken Mario Party ftw) as well as DJ and trivia nights. Foonzo also does a mean burger, and make sure you say hello to the live turtles while you’re there.

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8. Pang Pang

1226 rue Mackay

Karaoke is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but when you get your own private room and you’re nice and toasted, belting out a Journey song will get anyone believing in no time. Each room has its own flat-screen television, leather couches or benches, and when you get parched or hungry, all you have to do is press a button and a waitress will bring you more beer and dumplings. You definitely can’t do that in a bar.

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