Do you want an concept for a Christmas occasion? Lease this new non-public BYOB arcade in a Montreal Mile-Ex warehouse

Anyone looking to catch up with the old days with private parties, and especially offices trying to plan their vacation get-togethers, are currently looking for places in Montreal (just try to get a reservation). At the end of 2021, however, a new spot opened that is completely different: Arcade Mile-X Arcade is a private arcade in a Mile-Ex warehouse that you can rent for parties.

Fully rentable with dozens of games, it’s a BYOB room (and bring your own food, but they’re currently looking for catering partners) where up to 50 guests get exclusive access to the entire arcade with over 40 machines (full list here) and the room’s perpetual summer lounge for an entire evening – outfitted with a high-fidelity jukebox full of rare records, a full-fledged 1979 Chevy van, and the ultimate 20-hour pinball drive-in theater – for a flat rate of $ 1,250 .

As for the current COVID restrictions? All guests aged 12 and over must be fully vaccinated, the arcade will be thoroughly disinfected prior to your arrival and there will be masked staff at all times.

Where does Arcade Mile-X Arcade come from?

The new operation comes from Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon and Adam Kiesler of North Star Machines à Piastres, Justin Evans (co-founder of LANDR, a Montreal AI music company) and Charles Bombardier. It is billed as a private free play arcade in the North Star Machines à Piastres warehouse that can be rented for BYOB parties and is a place to purchase your own arcade machines.

“We’ve been looking for seats across town since spring, but nothing was right,” Fillmore-Handlon told Time Out Montreal in an interview. “Too far away, or not big enough, or too big. Then in September we found the offer for our space and knew it was perfect. We moved on October 1st and have been running at full speed ever since.”

“The best thing about this space is its versatility. We can host anything from afterwork 5-7 to birthday parties to company parties and beyond. It’s a super wild place that everyone can have fun.”

A dream to create a space for arcade parties

Photo: Arseni Khamzin

During the pandemic, owners were forced to close their flagship bar, North Star Machines à Piastres, on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. That didn’t mean they would stop trading pinball machines – the group made headlines in late 2020 by delivering pinball machines home. “Adam and I have converted the room into a pinball workshop. We fixed games in the bar that we then rented out to people back home, ”explains Fillmore-Handlon. “We also spent a lot of time alone in the bar and played pinball – our own private arcade.”

“We spent that time dreaming of a place where we could have our ideal pinball workshop,” she adds. They started working out whatever aspect they wanted: at ground level so it was easy to move games in and out; plenty of space for games and spare parts; an exhibition space to showcase their expanded collection; and finally, a private arcade where they could entertain their friends when restrictions allow.

“It would be a space that people could rent out and enjoy with their own friends and family who they missed so much on the cold winter nights of the pandemic about their love of pinball and arcade games to their kids.”

But why a private arcade?

Arcade Mile X
Photo: Arseni Khamzin

“We built North Star Machines à Piastres as a welcoming, inclusive space where pinball is a form of community building, a way to connect with strangers and new friends,” says Fillmore-Handlon. She’s right: the bar is known for hosting pinball competitions, and those who love the place keep coming back.

“With Arcade Mile-X Arcade, we wanted to create something different, but with the same sense of community. We wanted to create a private, comfortable space to share and play games with your friends, something more personal, more intimate, a space that you are with Your community. “

Arcade Mile-X Arcade can be rented on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 020-6560 de l’Esplanade Avenue. The court is available for rent through the website here, and the full list of the games you can play when renting can be found here.

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