Canine to be allowed on Montreal metro as of this weekend, with some restrictions

Visiting a veterinarian or dog park is about to get a lot easier for pet owners who don’t drive.

Starting Saturday, dogs who are not service animals and not in a carrier will be allowed on the metro in Montreal.

“To make the metro more accessible, and a sustainable mobility option. You don’t have to take a taxi,” said STM spokesperson Philippe Dery.

It’s an STM pilot project and comes with some conditions in order to keep human and pet riders comfortable.

The human must clean up any mess the animal makes, but the dog doesn’t need to pay for a ticket.

Among other rules: no more than one dog per human on the metro. Weekends are open for riding, but peak travel times during weekdays are off-limits. Plus, any dog ​​not in a carrier that is not a service dog must be muzzled on a one-metre leash.

“We looked at Toronto, Madrid and Paris, those are some cities request a muzzle for security reasons and for the feeling of security of customers so this why we’re requesting a muzzle,” said Dery.

The SPCA has for months been urging Mayor Valérie Plante and the STM to allow leashed dogs on Montreal’s public transportation system. The organization’s website has tips on how to prepare your dog, including teaching them to wear a muzzle and assessing if they are socialized enough to ride the metro.

The pilot project is expected to last nine months.

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