Canada’s Prime 100 Locations To Eat In 2023 Had been Ranked & 20 Montreal Eating places Made The Record

Montrealers don’t need to be reminded of how great our food scene is, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to hear about it every now and again, especially when it comes to a “best of” ranking.

Yelp released its eighth annual list of the top 100 places to eat in Canada in 2023 and Montreal was given a lot of love, and we mean a lot.

The user review service compiled its list by first reaching out to Yelpers for their fave dining spots. It then ranked each by the total number of submissions, ratings, reviews, and geographic representation, among other factors, Yelp said.

A total of 20 Montreal restaurants managed to secure a spot in the recent ranking with an impressive mix of cuisines. From Middle Eastern, French, and Spanish all the way to Japanese and Italian, Yelp’s list is making it easier than ever to know where to eat out across the 514.

Quebec City also got a few honorable mentions with a total of seven restaurants making the list, as did Laval with one entry — Pasta da Panza.

Here are the Montreal restaurants that made the cut and the spot they landed in:

  • Damask (7)
  • Bouillon Bilk (13)
  • Ile Flottante (23)
  • Le Club Chasse et Peche (36)
  • La Finca (50)
  • Saint Sushi Plateau (62)
  • Sushi Mom (71)
  • Ma Poule Mouillee (73)
  • Falafel St Jacques (77)
  • L’Avenue (78)
  • Regine Cafe (80)
  • Le Pick Up (81)
  • Pegase (82)
  • Janine Cafe (83)
  • O’Thym (84)
  • Le Marquis (86)
  • Oui Mais Non (88)
  • Bocata (91)
  • Restaurant Bonaparte (92)
  • Cafe Lulu (95)

So, how many of these delish and decadent Montreal eateries have you been to?

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