A YouTuber Tried 2 Of Montreal’s Most Disgusting Meals Challenges & In some way Conquered Each (VIDEO)

A YouTuber who travels the world looking for food challenges took on two Montreal restaurants and somehow dominated them both. During a recent visit to Quebec, Beard Meats Food beat the Pizza Spano challenge, which only three other people have done in five years, and dodged getting a (mandatory) spanking at La Belle et La Boeuf.

He visited the unassuming DDO pizza joint first. Pizza Spano is a casual Greek-owned restaurant with a deceptively easy-to-beat food challenge. The meat lover’s pizza is a 20-inch pie topped with every meat on the menu that participants have to finish in 45 minutes.

If you win, you don’t have to pay your $40 tab and you get a free shirt. If you don’t, it’s probably because of the 7lbs of bacon, sausage, pepperoni, smoked meat and ground beef baked into inch-thick cheese and a deep crust.

“A lot of people think they can do it,” one onlooker cautions before the start of the challenge.

Beard Meats Food takes it on anyway, huffing “this is intense” about 10 minutes in. The restaurant staff cheer him on as he basically licks the pizza tray clean in an incredible 24 minutes.

Beard Meats Food takes on the meat lover’s pizza from Pizza Spano.BeardMeatsFood | YouTube

A few days later, the YouTuber took on the “Spank Me” challenge from La Belle et La Boeuf. The monster burger is 10″ across and 6″ deep, filled with a giant beef patty, poutine, onions, pickles, jalapenos and hot sauce, among other fillings.

People who take on the challenge have an extra incentive to finish. Those who don’t clean their plate get spanked with a wheelless longboard (1.5 times wider than a regular skateboard). The menu warns about a “weapon of ass destruction,” which could be the wooden board… or the burger.

“I’ve only seen two or three people finish it,” says the server who brings over the monstrosity.

Beard Meats Food delves right in, admitting “it tastes fantastic,” between bites. He also gives the poutine top compliments for its squeaky cheese and rich gravy sauce.

He manages to demolish the nearly $70 burger in under 20 minutes, doing the mandatory spanking… but opts to get one anyway.

The YouTuber demolishes the La Belle & La Boeuf’s “Spank Me” Burger.Beard Meats Food | YouTube

Beard Meats Food makes the two of Montreal’s biggest food challenges way more fun to watch than they would surely be to complete. But maybe you’ll want to give them a go?

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