A TikToker Tried 50 Quebec Poutines In 7 Days, Gained eight Kilos & Ranked The Prime 5

The clicking heels of your favorite waitress, Marie-Angélique, herald its arrival. She swoops in from behind just as you impatiently turn your head to behold it. A novice’s folly. You’re blinded by the pungent steam. The aroma stings your eyes. It’s a good sting, like the hot prick of divine inspiration. The fog clears. A tear falls. Before you: a tantalizing mound of crispy fries, viscous gravy and cheese curds. “Bienvenue,” Marie-Angélique proclaims. Welcome to paradise. You have ordered a classic Quebec poutine.

Most Quebecers may only experience this rapture once (a month). Twice if they’re lucky. But for seven joyful days, this was one TikToker’s whole life.

Niko Atsaidis, 26, (niko.atsaidis on TikTok) spent a full week between June 18 and 25 trying 50 poutines across the province, spending over $1,225 dollars (food and gas) and gaining a total of eight pounds as he trekked between Beauharnois, Blainville, Drummondville, Granby, Huntington, Ile-Perot, Lac-Supérieur, Lachute, Laval, Longeuil, McMasterville, Mercier, Montreal, Mont-Tremblant, Saint-Jérôme, Saint-Georges, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec City, Victoriaville, Yamachiche — a pilgrimage of potatoes, cheddar and fatty sauces.


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The poutine devotee documented every single experience on TikTok, culminating in the reveal of his top five. In descending order: Cantine Annie in Victoriaville, Cantine La Fringale in McMasterville, Restaurant Labelle in Lachute, Restaurant Grégoire & Fils in Mercier, and, in the number one spot, Les Couleurs De La Terre in Yamachiche.


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“It was a lot of fun I love eating and travelling,” Atsaidis told MTL Blog. “This experience allowed me to learn a lot about poutine, what makes an authentic poutine, and all the important elements of a great poutine. It may seem simple but to perfect it requires expertise.”

Asked how he felt at the end of the journey, Atsaidis said “amazing.”

“I needed to diet for a couple of days but now I feel fine!”

He promised more adventures to come on his channel.

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