A New Korean Restaurant Opened In Downtown Montreal With So Many Fashionable Dishes

Montreal’s food scene just got a bit bigger (and yummier) with Bar 1994, Montreal’s newest Korean restaurant serving up loads of delicious and trendy dishes that are bound to transport you to the streets of Seoul.

Bar 1994 opened its doors for a soft launch this month and will officially have its grand opening in February. As the Korean restaurant puts the finishing touches on its bar, guests can still enjoy various dishes every day from 5 pm to 12 am

MTL Blog spoke with Bar 1994 about some of its trendy menu items, and they recommend trying out the yup tteok, a tteokbokki specialty, yukhoe (steak tartare), jokbal (marinaded pork), and the restaurant’s signature 1994 fries that are served with a creamy garlic sauce. Mmmm…

Located on rue Stanley right in the heart of downtown Montreal, Bar 1994 plans on re-creating Korean food trends often seen on Korean dramas and TV shows that resto owner, Takumi Lee, hopes brings many back to their ’90s childhoods. Hence the resto name!

“We are trying to bring trendy dishes from Korea, because as a person living in a different country [Canada]whenever I see something good on a K-drama, TV show or YouTube, I make plans to visit the Korean spot and eat there, but most of the time, since Korean food trends change really fast when I actually get to Korea, the trend is already over,” Lee told MTL Blog.

“What I want is to be active 24/7 on Korean trendy foods so the people in Montreal can have the same food trends as Korea.”

So, who’s hungry?

Cuisine: Korean

When: Every day from 5 pm to 12 am (soft launch hours) — Grand opening in February 2023

Where: 1247, rue Stanley, Montreal, QC


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