7 Wonderful Montreal Locations To Seize A Low cost Drink After Work

Work can be stressful and sometimes all you want is to enjoy a cold glass of beer, or a stylish and refreshing cocktail, and forget all of the frustrations of the day. But nothing can ruin a relaxing post-work 5-à-7 like a crowded bar or fighting tooth and nail for a table. Instead of trying to get a seat at a dingy pub, or spending more than you want at an overpriced lounge, you may want to take your colleagues out for a drink to one of these incredible bars.

1. Pullman Wine Bar

3424 Park

If you and your coworkers are self-proclaimed winos, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Pullman Wine Bar. They offer a huge selection of wine along with a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. Not only is it a gorgeous bar, but it’s quiet enough that you can actually have a conversation without losing your voice.


2. Brutopia

1219 Crescent

If you’re looking to try a new beer in a fun setting without spending a lot of cash, then you might want to check out Brutopia. While it tends to be the go-to spot for Concordia students between classes, come Saturday night, Brutopia makes a great place to hang out with your laid back, if not slightly hipsterish, coworkers. Plus they have live music, which is always fun.


3. Le Saint Bock

1749 St Denis

There’s nothing worse than getting to a bar only to find they have nothing you like on tap. Fortunately, Le Saint-Bock currently has over 40 beers on tap and offers one of the largest selection of beer in Canada (according to their Facebook page, they have over 850 kinds). It’s perfect for large groups with different tastes, but a nightmare for anyone who’s indecisive…


Photo Cred – Belenux

4. Benelux

245 Sherbrooke O

If you’re looking for the Mecha of hipster bars then you can sleep easy because you’ve just found it. Benelux is an artisanal bar that offers high quality brews in a stylish setting. In addition to great beer, they also have delicious food that makes for a flavorful dinner to enjoy with your colleagues.


5. Le LAB

1351 Rachel E

If beer and wine aren’t your thing, then you’ll definitely want to schedule your next 5-à-7 at this cocktail bar. Not only does Le LAB offer original cocktails (as well as old favourites) but they put on a show while they make them (think mixology with more fire). It’s a fun place to go if you want to spend time with your colleagues… without having to say much.


6. Dominion Square Tavern

1243 Metcalfe

elegance? Check. Selection? Check. Affordable? Mostly a check. If you don’t mind spending a little extra on your stiff drink in order to lounge around in style, then you may want to drag your colleagues out of whatever dingy bar they’re trying to crawl into so they can have a drink at Dominion Square Tavern. The place is absolutely beautiful and you’ll feel classy AF having a drink in their old fashioned bar room.


7. Baldwin Barmacie

115 Laurier O

Although the design for the bar is a little cold, the ambiance is surprisingly warm. An all white color scheme accented with gorgeous amber lights, this bar serves an array of incredible cocktails. Although they’re a bit expensive, they’re well worth the money. It’s a great place to hang out with small groups, so you may want to avoid bringing the entire office.


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