7 Unlikely Poutine Spots In Montreal The place You will Need To Stuff Your Face

True poutine fans know it’s not just about trying the biggest or weirdest combinations of fries, cheese curds and gravy, but also about finding the most unexpected places serving the dish. When you crave comfort food, you probably think of a casse-croûte or a greasy spoon, but what if I told you that you could enjoy poutine during a break from blackjack at the Montreal Casino, or between samosas at an Indian fast food joint.

The poutine from these places shine in all their greasy glory thanks to unique spins on the provincial dish. So bring your favorite bib, it’s about to get messy.


Where: 1206, rue Peel

Price: $14.99

Reason to try: As the name of this spot suggests, it specializes in shawarma, shish taouk and garlic potatoes, but it also may be one of the tastiest spots to find poutine in the city. Their ‘Magic Poutine’ won the Poutine Week popular vote in 2016 and has stayed on their menu ever since. It’s made with the usual cheese curds and gravy, along with garlic potatoes, tahini sauce, fried pita chips, a sprinkle of parsley, sesame and cumin seeds. You can even get a vegetarian version that uses plant-based gravy.

Montréal Casino

A plate of General Tao poutine at the Montreal Casino.

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Where: Montreal Casino, 1, ave du Casino

Price: $11.75

Reason to try: The chicken in this poutine has been rolling in dough, like some of the gamblers hitting the poker tables downstairs. The hefty portion of cheese that’s actually squeaky and mix of gravy with sweet and spicy General Tao sauce might have you questioning whether you should’ve gotten a small. You can enjoy your meal from the top floor of the Montreal Casino with a beautiful view of the Saint Lawrence River and then (hopefully) win big at one of the blindingly bright slot machines downstairs. Don’t forget to check out the Expo 67 pavilions and the rest of beautiful Île Notre-Dame while you’re there!

Hey Lee Chix

Where: 30, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Price: $16

Reason to try: This is another General Tao take on Quebec’s national dish from the folks who make the hilariously named Ho Lee F*** Burger. This pile of waffle cut fries is sauteed with the spicy, sweet sauce and served with squeaky cheese curds and crispy fried chicken. Ho Lee Chix cooks up epic creations, focused on chicken, super tasty sauces and some staples of Chinese cuisine. Waffle fry poutine counts as breakfast right?

Spice Bros

Where: Spice Bros, 2556, rue Center & 91, rue St-Catherine Est

Price: $15.99

Reason to try: This poutine offers sweet, tangy Indian butter chicken with a modern twist. Mixed with the hearty weight of Quebec’s classic fry dish, the Spice Bros poutine adds the cheese you’ve always wanted to a butter chicken, and the butter, chicken, tomato, cream, cumin and masala you never knew you needed with fries Bros offers the taste you expect from a full dining experience at a fancy Indian restaurant, but with ultra fast speed for takeout or a quick bite to eat.

sumo ramen

A bowl with fries, cheese curds, gravy, seaweed and other ramen toppings.

A bowl with fries, cheese curds, gravy, seaweed and other ramen toppings.

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Where: 1007, boul St-Laurent

Price: $11.50

Reason to try: Grab your loincloth and prepare to wrestle this epic creation into your belly! It comes topped with gravy, nori, Sriracha and cheese, but you can add any ramen toppings you want to this Japanese poutine fusion. Sumo Ramen is located on the main strip of Montreal’s Chinatown with a welcoming loft, delicious smells and fast service.


Where: Phuket, 4673, rue Jarry Est

Price: $17.95

Reason to try: This St. Leonard-based Thai eatery makes an unexpected ‘Japanese’ poutine with sweet potato fries and lobster meat. Topped with shallot, tobiko, cheese and a chef’s sauce, the gourmet vibes are in full effect for this one. The presentation alone with worthy of a birthday outing or celebratory dinner! Phuket, why not?

Molson Stadium

u200bA chef holds out a portion of poutine.

A chef holds out a portion of poutine.

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Where: Percival Molson Memorial Stadium, 475, av Pine Ave Ouest

Price: $15

Reason to try: From the gridiron to the grill, you can catch a game and munch on delectable poutine while you’re at it. Make your fork touchdown on this creole creation filled with tasty flavors from (not too spicy) pikliz and jerk sauce. There’s also a griot version with braised and fried pork shoulder. If you’re lucky, you might be able to catch the stadium’s limited edition poutine that’s served in a commemorative Al’s helmet with a side of popcorn!

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