7 Of The Finest Dishes From Time Out Market Montreal’s Restricted Version Vacation Menu

Montreal’s first snowfall has finally arrived, marking the official start of the holiday season. To celebrate the magical time of year, Time Out Market is launching a special limited-run menu on December 5.

You’ll have one month to try out the exclusive dishes from every counter in the Eaton Center food hall, so we decided to make your life easier by tasting them all and letting you know which ones stand out — bon appétit!

Spicy Beef Soup from Le Red Tiger

Courtesy of Time Out Market Montreal.

This flavourful vermicelli-based soup from Le Red Tiger is the cure for cold weather blues. Thin slices of beef are cooked into the broth, which features satay peanut sauce and cilantro, along with white and green onions.

Each bite is tummy-warming perfection and will satisfy you without making you feel stuffed. If you’ve tried anything from this Vietnamese street food pub, you know they only use the freshest ingredients and that’s noticeable in this dish.

Nordica Pizza from Moleskine

The Nordica Pizza by Moleskine

Charlotte Hoareau | MTL Blog

Pizza is always a good choice, but if you’ve had your fair share of Margherita slices and you’re looking for novelty, then this one is for you.

Spicy tomato sauce, nordic shrimp, Grana Padano, arugula, breadcrumbs and aioli are all piled onto this pie. The Nordica pizza is quite rich and surprising, in a good way.

Salmon Nigiri from Blossom

Salmon Nigiri by Blossom

Charlotte Hoareau | MTL Blog

This fancy sushi made with soy dashi, salmon eggs, arare masago and wasabi melts in your mouth the moment you take a bite. The toasted effect and criss-cross texture make this more fun to eat than your usual nigiri.

Plus, we love the pretty edible flowers on top!

Creste di Gallo from Il Miglio

Creste di Gallo with duck ragout by Il Miglio

Courtesy of Time Out Market Montreal.

Il Miglio specializes in hand-made pasta and their creste di gallo, macaroni shaped like a rooster’s crest, mixed with duck ragout makes for a hearty meal. The sauce is like a tomato-based bolognese, but with duck instead of beef. The effect is lighter meat flavored with celery, onions and carrots. If you’re hungry, or craving Italian food, give this option a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Ebi Fry Cury from Marusan

The Ebi Fry Cury by Marusan

Charlotte Hoareau | MTL Blog

The size of the tempura prawns was impressive, but it was their texture that blew us away. One bite and you get a satisfying crunch from the breading, followed by impossibly soft shrimp.

The mix of rice with a tasty curry sauce and buttery paste on top really makes this dish a winner.

Grilled Octopus from America’s BBQ

Grilled Octopus by America BBQ

Charlotte Hoareau | MTL Blog

Simple, yet so delicious! Anyone who is reluctant to try octopus should consider this meal. The meat was tender, but not chewy, with a crispness on the outside.

The side salad and the sweet potato puree makes for a great combo.

Rum and Pineapple Ham from Paul Toussaint

Rum and Pineapple Ham by Paul Toussaint

Courtesy of Time Out Market Montreal.

If you’ve been craving holiday ham, this is one for you. The succulent texture and combination of rum and pineapple flavors infused into these slices of ham is unexpected, but oh-so-satisfying. The meat is savory with a hint of sweetness and comes with a side of rice and peas, all prepared by Haitian chef Paul Toussaint.

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