7 Montreal Eating places That Will Have You Feeling Like You are Trotting The Globe

Montreal is home to countless must-try restaurants with culinary influences from just about every corner of the world. While getting a taste of the real deal never disappoints, you won’t need a passport for this palatable foodie experience.

Whether you’re in the mood for Mediterranean, Asian or African cuisine, Montreal’s food scene has got it all. This way, you can skip out on the airport hassle, and dive into a culinary trip you won’t forget at these seven undeniably Delicious Montreal restaurants.

Bon Appetit!

Panama — Greece

Address: 789, rue Jean-Talon O., Montreal, QC & 11604, boul. De Salaberry, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Panama is easily one of the best spots to dive into some of Greece’s most famous dishes. From Panama’s fried calamari, taramosalata, grilled mushrooms and greek salad all the way to their juicy and seasoned chicken, the food is so delish you’ll be screaming “Opa!” by the time you’re done eating.


Cafe Chez Teta — Lebanon

Address: 227, rue Rachel E., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: There’s nothing better than teta’s (Lebanese grandmother) cooking, right? Well, at Café Chez Teta you can treat your taste buds to some home-style dishes including their manoucheh, signature dips including hummus, baba ghanouj and labneh, and of course, their Lebanese coffee served in a traditional cup that will simply transport you to the streets of Beirut. Fun fact: Did you know the coffee grounds left over after drinking your cup of coffee can be used to tell your future? Drink your coffee, flip it over and wait until it’s dried enough for a fun reading.


Koa Lua—Hawaii

Address: 1212, av. Union, Montreal, QC & 1446, rue Sainte-Catherine O., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Koa Lua will have you feeling like you’ve stepped right into the heart of Honolulu. The restaurant is known for its mouthwatering poke bowls including their Mama California, Hapa and Tonga Tonga made up of salmon, tuna, avocado, pickled cucumber, edamame, jalapeno, crunch mix and ponzu Alabama sauce. You can also satisfy your sweet tooth with Koa Lua’s butter mochi with coconut or chocolate chip.


La Khaima — Morocco

Address: 142, rue Fairmount O., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Not only will you be taking your palate straight to Morocco at La Khaïma, but you’ll also be treating your eyes to the many colours, textiles, and warm atmosphere the restaurant has to offer. Be sure to try out a few of their specialties including lentil soup, a variety of couscous dishes, and their hummus mezze. You can also pair your meal with a refreshing hibiscus flower drink or mint tea.


Maria Bonita—Mexico

Address: 5163, boul. Saint Laurent, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: This gem located in the Mile End will have you feeling like you’re eating in Abuela’s kitchen. With homemade tortillas, sopes appetizers, tlacoyos and an array of specialty stews made with fish, meat or chicken all served in cauelita pots, you’ll truly be living out your best life.



​Address: 77, rue Rachel O., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Noren is a charming counter spot in the Plateau-Mont-Royal area offering a unique and exquisite experience. The minimalist aesthetic certainly amps up the pureness the space has to offer. Noren makes a pretty mean okonomiyaki, a fried omelette served with pork and shiitake, or opt-in for the dish of the day, which certainly never disappoints.


Bistro Amerigo — Italy

Address: 6127, ave. de Monkland, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Nestled in the heart of Monkland Village is Bistro Amerigo, a simple yet delicious eatery that offers up a delish taste of Italy. Definitely try out the fried calamari, spaghetti puttanesca, their homemade meatballs or of course, the osso buco, which is a braised veal shank served with rigatoni pasta. Is your mouth watering yet? ‘Cause ours is.


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