36 notable Montreal eating places and bars completely closed

Even as Montreal bounces back on its feet with reopenings, revitalized culture, and revitalized hospitality, many companies continue to struggle and change after last year. Everyone – from your favorite bar and restaurant in the neighborhood to the largest and brightest theaters and concert halls in our city – could use a helping hand right now. Time Out Montreal may be relatively new to the city, but since its editors began looking for the best of city life since it began in 2019, it always took time to crack down on the local and exciting. The cities of the world, as lively as they are, are nothing without their restaurants, shops, cafes, bars, theaters, music venues, cinemas, art galleries – and all the other local, independently run places where people come together to eat, to drink, laugh, think, create, let go and fall in love. They are the place where we come together to celebrate and to empathize. They fuel our body, mind and connections. They offer breathtaking attractions for locals and visitors alike to explore, irresistible activities, and as many new faces to meet as old friends to relate to. Montreal just wouldn’t be the same without a strong community of small businesses offering us places to meet and share common interests. As the city reopens, Time Out’s ongoing Love Local campaign will spotlight the people, places and organizations that make our city special. Follow Time Out Montreal on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to hear

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