22 Actually Low-cost Montreal Locations You Can Go On A “Day Time” Date With Your Particular Somebody

Among the many awesome things about summer is the opportunity it provides to go on dates during the day. It sounds so simple, but really, think about it – the warm weather allows us to embrace tons of outdoor activities for a date that would otherwise be out of the question.

The great thing about a date in the day time is the effortless, relaxed nature it. You’re not pressed for time, you don’t have to worry about crazy lines at bars and restaurants, and you can spend hours simply relaxing in a park or on a patio.

Another bonus about day time dates- it’s easy to keep them budget-friendly. While evening dinners, shows, or bars can run your wallet dry quickly, the day time offers a plethora of activities that are both fun, and relatively inexpensive. So, grab your significant other and make the most of your day – you deserve to relax and let the hours float by.

5. Get adventurous and discover these cool hidden spots in the city

7. Cheer on your respective teams in the Euro Cup at these great spots

8. Have a coffee on the beautiful terrace at Cafe Santropol

11. Grab your bike or rent a BIXI, and ride along some of the best bike paths the city has to offer

15. Indulge in some of the city’s best ice cream

17. Stroll through the plateau and see all the new murals

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