21 movies set in Montreal to discover the town via cinema

Before private productions took over the film scene, the National Film Board was the heart and soul of Canadian cinema. Over the years, they became best known for their documentaries and won dozens of awards. As the location of the NFB headquarters, Montreal plays a prominent role in much of their filmography. For a glimpse into the beauty, elegance, and bohemian side of post-war Montreal, check out early works like Artist in Montreal and Montreal by Night – it’s crazy how similar these days feel today. Lovers of Montreal’s de facto poet award winners will love ladies and gentlemen: Mr. Leornard Cohen. It’s not just the man himself who makes this movie great; he lives a stylish life in an equally stylish city. A more colorful introduction can be found under Impressions of Expo 67, the content of which goes without saying. Finally, Luc Bourdon’s extensive archival collection, The Memories of Angels, will make the mouth watering of anyone interested in history in Montreal.

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