17 Of The Finest Vegan Eating places In Montreal, From Brunch To Dessert

Montreal is a foodie city, this we know. Often, gourmet experiences are reserved for those of us who eat animal products — vegan food is the butt of many a joke about unflavored tofu or leaf-centric meals. But Montreal has a thriving vegan scene, with favorites in just about every category you could hope for. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most well-loved vegan restaurants and eateries across the island.

Dine-in or delivery, these spots are nourishing folks of all culinary persuasions. Take a trip from breakfast through lunch and into after-dinner dessert, all without a trace of animal byproducts.

Arhoma Bakery

Where: 1700, rue Ontario Est (La Fabrique); 15, rue Place Simon-Valois

Why you should go: This vegan-friendly bakery has two locations, and its products are sold at cafés and in groceries across the city. Arhoma offers recipes online as well as plenty of pastries, breads and other delicacies in-person and by delivery. Grab a morning chocolate or maybe some bread for a picnic lunch in the park!


Antidote Bouffe Vegane

Where: 3459, rue Ontario E.

Why you should go: Antidote is a plant-based bistro in operation since 2014. Their menu changes seasonally, but a popular midday bite is their meatless burger. Everything on the menu is 100% vegan, including their popcorn “chicken.” Antidote also features a brunch menu available Thursday through Sunday.



Where: 152, ave Mozart Est; 1371, Mont-Royal Est

Why you should go: Another strong contender for best falafel in town, Sham highlights Syrian ingredients with a Mediterranean twist. Everything on the menu is vegan, including their series of “chicken” dishes from tandoori to Thai to general Tao’s. After a faux-steak feast, consider trying their baklava.


Aux Vivres

Where: Montreal (4631, boulevard Saint-Laurent) and Westmount (4896, rue Sherbrooke Ouest)

Why you should go: No list of vegan spots would be complete without this Montreal staple, so let’s talk about it! Aux Vivres touts itself as Montreal’s first vegan restaurant and offers a completely vegan menu to back up that promise. It’s a favorite spot for brunch, with highlights including a well-loved huevos rancheros.



Where: 4088, rue St-Denis

Why you should go: ChuChai is home to a range of Asian dishes, both cold and hot, and all 100% vegan. They encourage newcomers to try their red curries, filled with different plant-based proteins reminiscent of shrimp, chicken and even duck. ChuChai offers rice-based dishes and some noodle options as well.


Petit Lapin

Where: 5475, avenue Royalmount, local 125

Why you should go: This allergy-friendly bakery was founded after the owner struggled to find anywhere to buy a safe cake for her food-sensitive son. Everything at Petit Lapin is free from nuts, milk, eggs, soy and wheat, among other common allergens. The bakery is known for its custom cakes, which have their own dedicated Instagram page.



Where: 3683, rue Wellington

Why you should go: Archway has everything from a well-rounded brunch menu to an elevated selection of dinner options, as well as a sizeable wine list. The plant-based eatery is focused on delivering healthy and inspiring food and drinks, including a range of house-made lemonade mocktails. They advertise their food as “best enjoyed when shared,” so bring a friend and split the bill!


Falafel St Jacques

Where: 345 rue St Jacques

Why you should go: Falafel St. Jacques offers Middle Eastern street food, including — yet again — some excellent falafel, as well as vegan shawarma. They also serve house-made bourekas, a traditional Sephardic filled pastry made with phyllo. This spot is known for its surprisingly big portions of tasty plant-based treats, perfect for a midday break.


Bowhead Pub

Where: 3723, boulevard St-Laurent

Why you should go: Montreal’s first fully plant-based pub, if we’re to believe the website, Bowhead offers a menu of pub-style comfort food. The menu is long and loaded with veggies, from mushroom dumpling appetizers to a series of Impossible burgers served with salad or fries.Grab a bite during quiz night each Tuesday at 7:30 pm and you might win even more of their wide array of beers !


La Panthere verte

Where: 160, St-Viateur Est

Why you should go: This vegan-vegetarian restaurant, founded just over a decade ago, serves “an urban blend of Mediterranean and comfort food” with a strong ecological bent. Complete with environmentally friendly packaging and organic ingredients, La Panthère verte says it has also been voted best falafel in Montreal for almost as long as it’s been open. It’s worth noting that there’s a second location for this lunchtime fave in the Plateau — unfortunately, it’s temporarily closed.


Lola Rosa

Where: 545, rue Milton; 4581, avenue du Parc; 276, rue Ste-Catherine O

Why you should go: Now in three locations across the city, Lola Rosa is as known for its cuisine as it is for the hundreds of letters crammed into drawers at each restaurant — souvenirs from tourists, visitors, and long-time residents that add local flair to the plant-based dining experience. The flagship Lola Rosa offers intimate seating and a well-liked interpretation of nachos. Other locations, including a downtown brasserie, invite different vibes, but all focus on locally-sourced vegan food that’s sure to please on date night or at brunch.


Tendresse Bistro

Where: 1259, rue Ste-Catherine Est,

Why you should go: Bistro Tendresse moves away from casual dining and towards something a little more refined. For lunch and dinner, the bistro offers calamari-style King Oyster mushrooms, tomato sashimi, and other reimaginings of meaty classics. Tendresse also offers a full brunch menu on weekends from 11 am to 4 pm, with a two-for-$15 mimosa deal that’s not to be missed.


sushi momo

Where: 3609, rue St-Denis

Why you should go: A fully vegan sushi experience, Sushi Momo is known for its creative rolls, including a marinated mushroom hosomaki. They also feature dishes for those sensitive to soy, like a sweet potato-jalapeño roll with avocado. The creator of Sushi Momo, chef Christian Ventura, has also spearheaded other plant-based Montreal favourites, including Bloom sushi.


Casa Kaizen

Where: 16, avenue des Pins

Why you should go: Created by chef Christian Ventura, this taco-centric restaurant also has a counter in Time Out Market downtown. Featuring vegan tacos from grilled cactus to a mushroomy interpretation of al pastor, Casa Kaizen is a good option for a cute plant-based date night.



Where: 464, rue McGill; 1232, rue de la Montagne

Why you should go: For an upscale date or a special occasion, LOV’s elevated vibes are a solid option. King Oysters make another appearance, this time in the form of meatless scallops. LOV’s calamari is created with palm hearts and makes for an adventurous starter. When it comes to mains, try the tofu fish n’ chips or squash-based coconut curry.


High ice cream

Where: 2225, Bennett Ave

Why you should go: Once you’ve had your fill of vegan mains and appetizers, brunch spreads and bakery finds, it’s time to branch out into dessert. Hoche Glacé offers both plant-based and dairy-based ice cream options, including ice cream cakes and milkshakes. They also feature vegan and non-vegan “tourbillons,” or swirls, with ice cream blended with add-ins like cookie dough, brownie and tiramisu.


Sophie Sucree

Where: 3770, boulevard St-Laurent

Why you should go: Finally, we’ve made it to the crown jewel in Montreal’s vegan dessert scene: all-plant dessert superstars Sophie Sucree. The bakery creates pastries, cakes and more all without animal byproducts, making it a great spot for picking up those after-dinner treats. They also offer savory pastries, like a spinach scone, but the sweet options are undeniably enticing.


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