13 Issues To Do In Montreal Throughout The Summer time If You are A True Native

As the hot season approaches, we’re left wondering—how many classic things to do in Montreal during the summer do you need to do to officially qualify as a true Montrealer?

MTL Blog came up with this amazing listmous test (see what I did there?) You can only call yourself a true Montrealer if you’ve done at least nine out of these 13 activities during the summer. 

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Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your trip.

Attend A 3-Day-Long Outdoor Music Festival

You know them as Osheaga, ÎleSoniq, Francofolies, Jazz Fest, Heavy MTL, and by plenty of other names.

The Montreal music festival is a ubiquitous summer activity that we’ll definitely miss in summer 2021 but come summer 2022, it’s gonna go OFF.

Break Out In Song With A Bunch Of Strangers On The Yellow Line After Said Festival

Remember the days when we all willingly crammed shoulder-to-shoulder in a sweaty metro car, exhausted but still with enough energy to break into song with a bunch of strangers?

Yeah, I miss that too!

Have A Picnic At A Local Park

People flock to Montreal parks like La Fontaine and Jeanne-Mance pretty much as soon as the snow melts to get together with friends and enjoy the simple pleasures of a picnic and day drinking.

And if this year has proved anything, it’s that Montrealers are going to picnic no matter how many dystopian police van loudspeakers and aggressive bike cops are thrown at them.


The BIXI is not only something that makes all Montreal car owners want to scream about parking spots — it’s a convenient, speedy, and efficient way to get from point A to point B if you don’t have a car.

Make sure to wear a helmet!

Drink On A Terrasse

Even though we haven’t been able to do this in a while, this is perhaps the most popular and iconic way to enjoy a summer day.

Bonus points if you and three friends tackle several pitchers of mimosa at your 11 a.m. brunch.

Attend A Protest

“Dans la rue, avec nous!”

No matter what you’re protesting about, it’s your inalienable right as a Montrealer to take to the streets and complain en masse.

Smoke Weed On Your Balcony*

This activity was a little more daring when weed wasn’t legal but to be fair, legality has never stopped some Montrealers from going out on their balconies to burn one down on warm summer evenings.

It’s illegal to consume cannabis in public in Quebec, but it’s also not uncommon to see a joint passed around at summertime picnics.*

Go To Orange Julep

I can almost guarantee that even if you’ve never been there, you’ve seen this iconic piece of Montreal architecture pop up on your Instagram page.

It’s literally a giant orange along the highway that serves some of the best poutine in town. Don’t forget to try the world-famous orange drink!

Take A Day Trip To Mont-Tremblant

It’s arguably better to visit Quebec’s most popular mountain in the summer because there are way more activities you can actually do. Plus, the wind doesn’t hurt your face.

After you’re done your hike or canoe trip, the actual town of Tremblant is super cute to visit.

Complain About How Hot It Is But Never Buy Yourself A/C

This is perfectly normal and acceptable because who has the time and money to pay an extraordinarily expensive hydro bill all year long?

Have A 3-Month Tinder Fling, Then Never Talk Again

You met them in May and it was perfect. The possibilities were endless and you both had the same music taste.

By the end of August, you’ve met someone else. The possibilities are endless and you both have the same music taste.

Rise and repeat until you die.

Walk Around The Botanical Garden

It’s the most quintessentially touristy activity but somehow also calming and wonderful.

Bonus points if you take a picture with the cherry blossoms.

See The Fireworks At La Ronde

And once you’re done doing all your summer day activities, head to La Ronde (or the Old Port) and check out an incredible fireworks display.

If you missed it, don’t worry, there’s bound to be another one soon!

*This article has been updated.

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