11 greatest locations to go to lower than a two-hour flight out of Montreal

Traveling is fun but the commute is not.

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet perfected teleportation, so it’s a part of the discovery. If you’re hoping to travel outside of Montreal this spring and summer, there are plenty of intriguing options that are just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

We’re talkin’ spending less than two hours by plane.

These places are so close via plane that you could tackle a brand new city, all in a weekend. Though times obviously vary based on airport pre-flight requirements, these average non-stop times are courtesy of Air Canada, tarmac to tarmac.

Here are our favorite spots that are less than a two-hour flight from YUL.

Toronto, Canada: 1h 20m

A quick flight out of Montreal to our cousins ​​in Ontario is a classic move. You can fly to Canada’s most populous city in the same time it takes to watch a Netflix movie.

Make a weekend out of it without losing much travel time. Be sure to check out the CN Tower (obvi), catch a Blue Jays game, or go on a foodie tour on Yonge Street — the longest street in the country.

New York City, US: 1h 35m

There’s something comforting knowing the city that never sleeps is less than 120 minutes away from Montreal.

Broadway shows, sports galore, shopping at every corner, or finally being able to put the Montreal vs New York-style bagel debate to rest, there’s always something to do in New York City.

Halifax, Canada: 1h 35m

Halifax doesn’t get enough love. It’s a beautiful city right on the Atlantic Ocean coastline.

The capital of Nova Scotia has a vibrant arts and culture scene, great seafood, and seriously breathtaking views.

Boston, US: 1h 21m

Boston feels a lot like Montreal. It’s a big city without that big city vibe.

It’s charming, full of history, and takes about the same time to fly to as Toronto. Plus, think of all the anti-Bruins arguments you can get into!

Quebec City, Canada: 55 m

Flights from Montreal to our province’s capital take less than an hour. Quebec City is full of history and beauty and is the closest feel to Europe, just a poutine’s throw away from Montreal.

Philadelphia, US: 1h 40m

The Liberty Bell, Rocky, and Philly cheesesteaks — what else could you really want?

Fredericton, Canada: 1h 15m

Fredericton may not be as popular as other Canadian spots, but don’t let that fool you.

Hop on a quick 75-minute flight from Montreal and you can check out a hidden Canadian gem known for its colonial charm, food, and beautiful Atlantic coast sights.

Ottawa, Canada: 45 m

You can visit the nation’s capital in the same amount it takes to do a quick workout. Marvel in Ottawa’s history, soak up some beautiful Canadian heritage moments, check out Parliament Hill, or scarf back some tasty grub during patio season.

Pittsburgh, US: 1h 40m

Travelers looking to quickly sneak into the US for a few days often think of New York City or Boston, but Pittsburgh should be equally alluring.

It’s only an hour and a half from Montreal and is architecturally beautiful and has a city known for sports champions, spread out among the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins.

Charlottetown, Canada: 1h 25m

Another hidden gem, Charlottetown is the capital city of Prince Edward Island and is Canada’s “Birthplace of Confederation,” after the historic 1864 Charlottetown Conference that led to Confederation.


Val d’Or, Canada: 1h 20m

If you want to stick around Quebec, Val-d’Or is a gorgeous option for an adventure of local discovery, brimming with forests, lakes, wildlife, and good people.

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