10 Montreal Locations To Go to The place You Can Really feel Like Gatsby By means of The Roaring 20s In 2020

  • With the year 2020 rapidly approaching, MTL Blog thought it would be appropriate to make a list of Montreal places to visit that make you feel you’re in the 1920s.
  • Time travel 100 years back at one of these ten establishments!
  • Find out where you can live out the roaring 20s in Montreal below!

When you think of the 1920s, you think of The Great Gatsby. You think of glamour, cabaret performances, speakeasies, and loud music. With 2020 right around the corner, it feels as if we are only getting further from that lavishness that the roaring 20s exuded. Luckily for us, we live in Montreal and as we know, our city accommodates all of our needs, including the urge to go back in time. Throughout Montreal, there are many places to visit that will give guests the illusion of walking into a different decade.

Montreal is an old city, with a tone of charm and history, which is why it is common to find locations that give off that old world charm.

From trendy bars and nightclubs to old banks and theaters, Montreal is crawling with picturesque locations that will trigger your imagination and impress your social media following.

1920 was 100 years ago and throughout those 100 years, a lot has happened. And although I’m not sure I would want to go back to that time permanently, it’s always fun to play pretend for a night or two.

Explore this list, dress up in 1920s inspired outfits and paint the town red!


Where: 426 rue St Gabriel

Built-in 1688, this legendary Montreal spot was the first “auberge” in North America to receive a liquor license in 1754.

Located in the basement of the oldest establishment in Montreal, guests can access this nightclub by walking through stone tunnels, which give off a mysterious allure.

This cozy speakeasy is reminiscent of establishments you would find during the 1920s, so its the perfect place to time travel for a night.



Where: 390 rue St Jacques

This 1920’s inspired establishment offers customers fancy cocktails, decadent dishes, live performances and decor that transports you to a different era.

If Gatsby was living in Montreal, I have a feeling this would be his go-to nightclub in the city!


House of Jazz

Where: 2060 rue Aylmer

There is something magical about this snazzy jazz bar that gives off the illusion of entering an establishment in the 1920s.

From the chic decor and breathtaking chandeliers to the smooth sounds of jazz playing in the background, this Montreal spot is sure to take you back 100 years.


Le Speakeasy

Where: 120 rue McGill

This trendy bar is decked with chandeliers and a secret entrance, all of which play on their prohibition-era theme.

This spot offers an elevated bistro menu, great cocktails and is aesthetically very appealing. And, to top it off, you will truly have the impression that you are sipping cocktails in a fabulous joint during the roaring 20s.


Crew Collective & Cafe

Where: 360 rue Saint-Jacques

Crew Collective & Café is without a doubt one of my favorite spots in the city. The breath-taking cathedral-style space is not only incredibly photogenic, but it is glamorous enough to be mistaken for an over-the-top 1920s theatre.


Dominion Square Tavern

Where: 1243 rue Metcalfe

Located in a refurbished 1927’s cavern this little piece of history truly makes you feel like you have gone back 100 or so years.

Not only does this establishment well decorated and on-theme but their food and old fashioned drinks are also very memorable.

All in all this place is a must for anyone looking to go back a couple of decades.



Where: 700 rue Saint Antoine Est

There is something magical about this Old Port Venue. The historic architectural landmark is now home to a unique event space that gives guests an illusion of entering a different era.

The chandeliers contrast the exposed brick beautifully combining both the luxury and rawness of the 1920s.


Rialto Theatre

Where: 5723 Ave Du Park

Located on Avenue Du Pac, this former movie palace is a National Historic Site. The intricate details give a glamorous touch to this magnificent establishment.

Rialto Theater is now an event space and is a great spot for anyone wanting to throw a Gastbyesque event that evokes true 1920s feels.


Cabaret Mado

Where: 1115 rue Sainte-Catherine

During the 1920sm Cabaret performances were all the rage and this Montreal hot spot exudes that same energy that people obsessed over during that time.

Cabaret Mado allows guests to sit back and enjoy gender-bending performances while sipping on cocktails and pretending like they’re in the 1920s.


Theater St James

Where: 265 rue St Jacques

This gorgeous space in Old Montreal is the type of place that Gatsby would have gotten married in.

Equipped with 70 feet high stone walls, marble floors and a stained-glass dome, this ornate theater will truly take your breath away.

Located in an old bank, the original safe is still inside of the building, which is one of the coolest things about this space!


Time to live out those roaring 20s!

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