10 Locations to Purchase a Residing Christmas Tree in Montreal

The countdown to Christmas is officially on and before you wrap gifts and bake food, you need the symbolic Christmas tree.

From garlands and wreaths to ornaments and miniature villages, the tree is the most important piece of festival decoration.

Find your perfect tree in one of the following locations. Whether you want a rustic outdoor experience or something quick and painless, the way you decorate it makes it special and these 10 spots have you covered.

Jean Talon Market

The Jean Talon Market is one of several public markets in the city that sell live Christmas trees. After you’ve chosen your tree, stroll the historic market and tick a variety of other holiday items off your list.
Where: 7070 Avenue Henri-Julien


The hardware store started selling live Christmas trees at the end of November. Go to your local store and choose from a variety of fresh trees. This is an easy and convenient option for families who don’t feel like traveling outside the island.
Where: Different places


Surprisingly, you get more than just modern furniture with this Swedish mega-chain. They sell living Christmas trees for just $ 20 and even donate a portion of their proceeds to Tree Canada, a nonprofit that plants trees.
Where: 9191 Boulevard Cavendish

Atwater Market

As soon as December arrives, this open-air market fills with Christmas trees as far as the eye can see. Whether you’re looking for a balm or a fraser fir, this Montreal landmark is by your side.
Where: 138 Avenue Atwater

Home depot

Home Depot always has a selection of living Christmas trees for sale. Just like the farms, they will wrap them up for you to fit exactly in your car. Be sure to check your local flyers for listings on trees between 4 and 10 feet.
Where: Different places

Christmas party in the park

Three parks in Montreal are being transformed into vacation paradise this December thanks to the Noels Dans Le Parc Festival. From December 1 through Christmas Day, each of the three participating parks will be filled with holiday activities like marshmallow roasting, campfires, gift stands, and of course, Santa Claus sightings. In addition to these fun activities, however, each park will have a small Christmas tree on site in case festival goers feel the urge to buy this year’s Christmas tree on the spot.
Where: Place Emilie Gamelin, Parc Lahaie, Parc Des Compagnons De Saint-Laurent Park

Quinn Farm

This versatile farm offers sweet and juicy strawberries in summer, pumpkins in autumn and of course Christmas trees in winter. For the ultimate outdoor experience, take your family to Quinn Farm. They sell pre-cut trees, but you can also go full ‘Clark Griswold’ and take your own ax to a tree if that tempts you.
Where: 2495 Boulevard Perrot, Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot

Maisonneuve market

Get an outdoor vacation experience without leaving the island. Once the Christmas season begins, the Maisonneuve market has rows of Christmas trees for families to choose from.
Where: 4445 Ontario Street East

Brossard garden center

This nursery in Brossard always has trees for sale. And if you want to embellish your home with poinsettias, garlands, wreaths, and holly berries, you can get all of your greenery in one place.
Where: 6305 Grande Allée, Brossard

Lachine Market

Head to Lachine for a small Christmas tree purchase at Lachine Market. With balsam firs, Fraser firs and a selection of decorations such as wreaths and garlands, a trip to the Lachine Market is guaranteed to be fun for the whole family.
Where: 1865 Rue Notre-Dame

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